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about skate aid

skate-aid stands for a holistic, self-determined approach to the support of young people in the context of youth aid, sport, culture and international understanding. Our Mission: We empower kids! Since 2009, we use the pedagogical power of skateboarding in our worldwide projects. It gives kids and teenagers orientation and identity-creating freedom in their orientation phase and helps them to develop into strong individuals on the basis of self-determination and intrinsic motivation. Thus, skate-aid provides sustainable socialization, prevention and peace work, where social injustices and difficult living conditions endanger young people and inhibit their development.

News about skate aid


Am 23. November fand unter dem Motto „Feiern und fördern“ wieder die C&A skate-aid-night supported by innogy im Skaters Palace in Münster statt. Bereits zum 14. Mal lud Gastgeber und skate-aid GründerTitus Dittmann zu dem Charity-Event ein. Gut 280 geladene Gäste und Promis aus ganz Deutschland erlebten einen unterhaltsamen und bewegenden Abend. Tolles Ambiente, super Stimmung, ein mitreißendes Show-und Musik-Programm und natürlich die wunderbaren Erfolgsstorys aus den skate-aid Projekten trugen wieder zu einer einmaligen Gala bei. Von der Tombola über die „Stille Versteigerung bis hin zur Saalversteigerung hat es ausreichend Gelegenheit gegeben Gutes zu tun und am Ende kam die stolze Summe von rund 70.000 Euro für skate-aid zusammen.


The skate-aid team was on a renovation mission in Kigali/Rwanda. Our skate park there needed a "make-over". As a special highlight we had prominent support: TV presenter André Gatzke and comedian Simon Gosejohann were there with us and actively helped. In addition, the Krolop & Gerst video crew was on bord and we’re looking forward to breathtaking shots as usual.

Sample projects

Pedagogical Workshops

Skate-aid has been a partner of the German association "The Global Experience" since 2015 and accompanies students of the Schiller Gymnasium and the Primus School in Münster as part of an intercultural inclusion exchange at the NISE school center in Windhoek / Namibia. It is a school center for physically and mentally impaired children and adolescents and is located near the Katutura Township.

Meaningful leisure activities for children and adolescents

skate-aid wants to improve together with the SOS Children's Villages the situation of the many traumatized children of Damascus. In the skate park, the children should have the opportunity, in the framework of pedagogically supervised workshops, to let off steam, to strengthen their sense of belonging and to overcome trauma when dealing with others.

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