The commitment of skate-aid is based on the principles of good professional practice in charitable work. We fulfill our goals as defined in the statutes and move within the legal framework of youth welfare service, promotion of international attitude and tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding as well as the promotion of sports. The use of our funds is also within this framework, as it is intended for tax-privileged purposes.

The statutory work of the associations is - qua natura at registered societies - controlled by the annual general meetings. Here the executive committees have not only to report on all activities, but also to account for the annual financial statement. Within the scope of the annual tax returns, the tax authorities also check the use of funds and issue a corresponding exemption certificate as recognition of the non-profit status if everything is in order.

How much money goes into our projects?

When you make a donation to skate-aid, you want your donation to actually reach our children and youth work. Therefore we want to be completely transparent towards you about the origin and the use of our funds.

                                                                                                            We have calculated an administrative expense ratio to revenues of 16.7% for 2018 and 10.6% for 2017.  This administrative cost/income ratio is the ratio of our administrative costs to the donations and membership fees in a given year.

That means for you:

From your donation of EUR 100.00, EUR 89.40 in 2017 and EUR 83.30 in 2018 will be used for exactly the project work you want to support with your donation.

The decrease in percentage from 2017 to 2018 does not mean that we have increased our administrative costs. We were even able to reduce them significantly. The increase is calculated because we received a large donation in 2017, which allowed us to double the amount of donations once this year.

We have reduced administrative expenses by special factors relating to previous years in order to present a fair picture for the entire fiscal year. In addition, we have assumed that income from business activities will initially be used to cover administrative costs.  

Where does the money for our projects come from?

In 2018, 89% of the money was donated, membership fees were 7% and the income from events and other income was 2% each. In 2018, we had an income of EUR 194,963.90 and in 2017, EUR 354,317.60 were collected.

Income from our online store, from cooperations with companies and workshops financed by sponsoring are not included here. These entrepreneurial activities are carried out by the skate-aid-support GmbH, which in turn supports the charitable work of skate-aid.

Exact numbers and details can be found here: