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Hi there, this is Arne Fiehl from BOARDSTEIN!

This year I celebrated Easter at a very exceptional place. Well, I didn`t really celebrate, for me there`s nothing to celebrate rather than having another day off after that Sunday. Anyway, together with me mates Gabu and Kiki and our Rasta-bro Wasswa I travelled to his homeplace, a small village near Kisoro which is a tiny town in the most south west corner of Uganda next to Ruanda and Kongo....


Right now, we’re running daily pedagogical skateboarding workshops with up to 30 kids and on weekends with up to 60 kids in our skate park in Kampala/Uganda.
After the expansion, which is currently under construction, we’ll be able to empower even more children. In addition, we’re planning to send international volunteers to Uganda for the first time to support the workshops...


In September 2020, we launched our GIRLS SKATE! campaign, which - thanks to your great support - became a permanent skate-aid initiative. With GIRLS SKATE! we want to actively change role stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue their interests and develop their skills. We want to show them that they can do anything, including skateboarding and create awareness of how valuable skateboarding can be for the personal development....


Finally, the construction of the Skull Bowl in Uganda can start! After the project had to be cancelled shortly before its start in spring 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can now bring you the good news that our project coordinator Gabu arrived in Uganda last week to start with the construction preparations of the new bowl. Depending on the weather conditions, this great extension of the skate park in Kampala will be built in 8-12 weeks....


Ab heute sind wir wieder von 11-18 Uhr im Shop für euch da! Terminvergabe unter 0251-52000-813 oder Betreff „Terminvergabe“. Natürlich unter Einhaltung der Hygieneregeln und aller erforderlichen Restriktionen. Mit aktueller, heißer Ware zu coolen Preisen, z.B. von Brixton und Forvert…und dem neuen JUCKER HAWAII x skate-aid Longboard! Ein echter Hingucker! Art by Daniel Guss

Reserviert euch euren Termin…wir freuen uns euch endlich wiederzusehen!


Do you remember the shipment of our donation stuff for our project in Uganda in January? After a long, eventful and difficult journey, including the temporary loss of some packages, all of them finally arrived safely and complete in Uganda and were received by our local volunteer Jack...


New year, new luck! Even though we’re still locked down here in Germany, we took advantage of the partially open borders and our project coordinator Gabu flew with Canadian skate-aid volunteer Kyryl to Namibia. Kyryl has already volunteered in 2019 to support our project in Palestine for three months. After COVID tests and lost luggage, the two arrived in Windhoek/Namibia on time, a week before school opened. January 26th was the first school day this year and the two are now activating our workshops on site. Checking skateboards, planning workshops, working out a new timetable with the teachers and at the same time our new local volunteer Michael was introduced into our work...


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! Best wishes, health, luck & happiness from the skate-aid team!
...and hopefully less „Zooms“ and more personal interaction


It's X-MAS time! Thanks to the support of our cooperation partner @westenergie, we could play Santa Claus ourselves yesterday and gave skateboards and the corresponding safety gear to the Alexianer-Martinistift. Some kids received them enthusiastically on behalf of everyone and were taught in a short workshop how to assemble the skateboard and some basics on which they can build further. Of course, everything was done in compliance with the current hygiene, protection and distance regulations. We’re happy that we were able to give the kids pleasure and hopefully we will visit more youth facilities soon. We empower kids!


Thank you to all our partners for their ongoing and excellent support even throughout this challenging year. Together we empower kids!⁠⠀