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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 - skate-aid review 2022

A review of the past year and an outlook on the coming one...


„Feiern und Fördern“ hieß es am 19.11.2022 traditionell wieder bei der Lexware skate-aid-night im Skaters Palace in Münster. Es waren rund 250 geladene Gäste aus ganz Deutschland dem Ruf gefolgt, unter ihnen, wie immer, viele prominente „skate-aid Friends“, wie TV-Arzt und Moderator Doc Esser, Musiker Steffi Stefan, Politiker Ruprecht Polenz, TV-Moderatorin Mara Bergmann, Entertainer Adam Riese, sowie viele weitere bekannte Gesichter.


The skate-aid "Across The Bo(a)rders" container project for socially disadvantaged children started in Cologne-Meschenich.

The first location has now been opened at Kölnberg, one of Cologne's largest social hotspots.


For our project Across The Bo(a)rders in Balti/ Moldova we are looking for a volunteer on short notice from the end of September until the end of October.


My name is Sachin Raj and I’m a skateboarder from Kochi Kerala/India. I have been skateboarding on the streets for 5 years as our city doesn’t have a park yet. With minimal resources, I traveled to India's skateparks and was able to learn the basics of park skating.


The organization of our aid project for Ukrainian kids is in full swing. Yet we’re working together with "Die-AHRche e.V." from Bad Neuenahr - Ahrweiler, which has already built up a tent city with free warm lunch, sanitary facilities, tool rental to flood victims and laundromat etc. during the flood disaster in Ahrweiler. In addition, the association has also already set up a functioning tent city as a reception camp in Moldova at the border to Ukraine.


After working with our local partner "Yuwa for Change" and its president Jagrit Pahadi for several years, we’re now very happy to take this collaboration one step further: Together we have launched "skate-aid Nepal" and realized our latest project under the motto "A skate park for the kids of Butwal". The skate park and the skateboard are the necessary tools to empower the kids in Nepal and to strengthen their intrinsic motivation through our pedagogically accompanied skateboard workshops.


The new skate park in Butwal was finished a few days ago. It’s been a battle against the weather conditions, lack of materials, spicy food and a surgery in between, but finally..bitte das finally hier weg) we finally made it!


We are pleased to inform you that we, since March 01, 2022, offer again our educational skateboard workshop "Skating instead of Ritalin", Aimed are 14 dates, which should be done until the summer vacations. Since in the past the times were inconvenient for some participants due to all-day school forms, we have adjusted the times. The first class will be from 4:00 - 5:30 pm and the follow-up class will be from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.


When we think back to the two months in Syria, we have pictures of kids, a lot of skateboarding, screaming, Arabic food, rooftop mornings and of course Qudsaya and Damascus on our minds. We spent most of the time at the skate park with the kids…almost from dusk until dawn.