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This week we started with the control group for our study "Effects of a skateboard workshop on the psychomotoric skills and psychological well-being of children with ADHD" in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner from the Institute of Sports Science at the WWU and Dr. Patricia Ohrmann from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital of Münster.


With our offer skate-aid@school we have been on the road weekly at 6 schools in Münster since the beginning of school time. No matter if elementary school or high school... on 30 days we were able to excite to excite more than 200 kids for skateboarding. Even when it rained, our coaches found alternatives for the kids, whether it was the school gym...


This September we started with our new campaign GIRLS SKATE! We shape children through a unifying spirit. Skateboarding is more than just a "sport". It is about developing freely through intrinsic motivation, experiencing equality and learning what it means to grow up to be self-confident personalities. We empower girls!


In the context of the Youth Culture Night 2020 in Sundern, we were on site for the Youth Office Sundern from September 26-27 2020 and carried out skateboard workshops in the old station hall at @jugendcafe_gammon. The location was super cool and the kids and teenagers were totally excited! To our delight many girls took part in the workshop and dared to get on the board! We would love to come back! We empower kids!


On 19.09.2020 we were in Cologne at the Lise-Meitner-Comprehensive School for one of our free GIRLS SKATE! workshops. Of course our mobile minicamp, obstacles, skateboards, safety gear, helmets and our skate-aid coaches were there too. To empower girls - with this goal we created the campaign GIRLS SKATE! We want to actively change role clichés and encourage girls to pursue their interests and dreams and develop their skill...


Am Montag, den 21.09.2020, war es endlich soweit: Der neugestaltete Skatepark am Vinzenzwerk Handorf e.V. wurde feierlich eröffnet. Mit Beginn der öffentlichen Nutzung ab 18.00 Uhr konnten sich dann auch Skateboardfahrer aus den nord-östlich gelegenen Stadtteilen an einem zeitgemäßen Skatepark in ihrer Nachbarschaft erfreuen. Unter der Leitung von Julius Dittmann, Geschäftsführer der Titus GmbH, und Tobias Egelkamp, ehemaliger Projektleiter des skate-aid international e.V. erwies sich das Konzept einer partizipativen Baustelle als voller Erfolg…


Last Saturday we were in Hannover at the Goseriedeplatz for a GIRLS SKATE! work shop. It was a free beginner skateboard workshop for girls. ⁠⠀
We were on site with our portable mini ramp, obstacles, skateboards, safety gear, helmets and of course our skate-aid coaches. Thanx to the Titus Hannover staff for the awesome support!
The workshop was a great success…the kids were totally excited and had a lot of fun. We‘re looking forward to the next dates. GIRLS SKATE!


Empowering girls - that's the goal of our campaign GIRLS SKATE! Throughout September, everything revolves around the strong women of the future. We want to actively help to change role stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue their interests and dreams and develop their skills. We want to show them that they can do everything, including skateboarding. We also want to create an awareness of how valuable skateboarding can be for personal development. We empower girls!


Positiv in die Zukunft blickend starten wir in diesem Jahr mit unseren Skateboard-Workshops voll durch. Gleich mit vier unterschiedlichen Angeboten wollen wir junge Menschen für das Skateboarden begeistern. Doch nicht nur der „sportliche“ Aspekt steht im Fokus, sondern auch die Vermittlung von sozialen Kompetenzen. Dabei werden selbstbestimmte und selbstwirksame Prozesse freigesetzt, die für die Entwicklung unserer Kids enorm wichtig sind.


Summer holiday skateboard workshops were a complete success
The very successful cooperation with the Essen-based energy company innogy will already enter its fifth year in 2020. During the summer holidays skate-aid, in cooperation with Innogy, held 11 skateboard workshops in different communities in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Those who stayed at home had the opportunity to take their first steps on a skateboard or to improve their existing skills.