Lexware skate-aid-night 2023: Burning hearts at the 17th edition of the charity gala for skate-aid. Münster's traditional charity gala achieves great result for the good cause.

"Celebrate and support" is the motto when skate-aid invites guests to the Lexware skate-aid night in the festively redesigned Skaters Palace. Once again, around 250 invited guests, not only from all over Germany, answered the call, including many prominent "skate-aid friends", such as journalist and author Auma Obama, with whom a joint project in Kenya is being planned, actor Wotan Wilke Möring, musicians Henning Wehland and Steffi Stefan, social entrepreneur Eilika Prinzessin von Anhalt, presenter Lina van de Mars, entertainer Adam Riese, graffiti artist René Turrek and many other well-known faces. Münster's Mayor Markus Lewe gave the welcoming address.

TV presenter André Gatzke charmingly and humorously guided the audience through an entertaining and rousing evening. He also provided insights into the work and worldwide skate-aid projects, which uses the pedagogical power of skateboarding to empower kids!

In 2023, there were three highlights that touched people's hearts: the opening of a multifunctional library in Uganda right next to the Kampala Skatepark and in the middle of the Kitintale slum. The same project is also in the final planning stages for Butwal/Nepal. Two skate-aid coaches also explained to the guests on stage how they work with the children as part of free vacation workshops and how skateboarding strengthens the intrinsic motivation of the participating kids. 

Nasila Di Piazza & Band and Dan Fairhurst provided sophisticated musical variety and the very best entertainment. The thrilling, spectacular and award-winning GOP acrobatic act "Super Skaters", exquisite culinary delights and of course the success stories from the skate-aid projects put the guests in a great (fundraising) mood.

In the end, the proud sum of around 80,000 was raised, which can be used to further advance skate-aid projects worldwide.

This also impressed founder Titus Dittmann: "We empower kids! People are enthusiastic about our mission and we are delighted about the appreciation and support for our work - so many burning hearts for skate-aid!" The entire skate-aid team was delighted with the guests' great willingness to donate and the spirit of the Lexware skate-aid night. The 17th edition of the event was once again a complete success.