Obstacle Workshops

Would you like to experience a skateboard workshop at your school, youth center or even privately?

Our skateboard coaches make it possible! They bring various mobile ramps and the necessary skateboard equipment with them and are available to the kids with advice, action and heart if required.

We always act according to our pedagogical concept, which is based on intrinsic motivation and self-determination, and distance ourselves from training in the conventional sense. This gives the kids their first introduction to skateboarding in a completely informal and pleasant group-dynamic atmosphere.

We recommend a flat and smooth asphalt surface of approx. 20 x 20 Meters.

Miniramp Workshops

A miniramp on wheels? We have one!

Our mobile miniramp is ready for use in just a few minutes, can also be used in bad weather and contains a total of 30 skateboards, safety gear and helmets. A real highlight at your event, school or leisure workshop.

The miniramp measures 8.70m (L) x 4.32m (W) x 2.72m (H) when set up, has a pleasantly smooth and flat transition and is delivered directly to the desired location and picked up again by us.

A flat surface is required to set up the ramp.

Skatepark in a Box

Open the flap, skate park out...done!

Our Skatepark-in-a-Box container contains a complete mobile skate park, consisting of high-quality wooden ramps, quarter pipes, kickers in various sizes, curbs, flatrail and of course skateboards, safety gear and helmets - leaving nothing to be desired.

The container should be rented for at least one week. Details on request.

A flat and smooth asphalted surface of approx. 20 x 20 Meters is recommended.


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