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After working with our local partner "Yuwa for Change" and its president Jagrit Pahadi for several years, we’re now very happy to take this collaboration one step further: Together we have launched "skate-aid Nepal" and realized our latest project under the motto "A skate park for the kids of Butwal". The skate park and the skateboard are the necessary tools to empower the kids in Nepal and to strengthen their intrinsic motivation through our pedagogically accompanied skateboard workshops.


The new skate park in Butwal was finished a few days ago. It’s been a battle against the weather conditions, lack of materials, spicy food and a surgery in between, but finally..bitte das finally hier weg) we finally made it!


We are pleased to inform you that we, since March 01, 2022, offer again our educational skateboard workshop "Skating instead of Ritalin", Aimed are 14 dates, which should be done until the summer vacations. Since in the past the times were inconvenient for some participants due to all-day school forms, we have adjusted the times. The first class will be from 4:00 - 5:30 pm and the follow-up class will be from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.


When we think back to the two months in Syria, we have pictures of kids, a lot of skateboarding, screaming, Arabic food, rooftop mornings and of course Qudsaya and Damascus on our minds. We spent most of the time at the skate park with the kids…almost from dusk until dawn.


On January 8th, like every first Saturday of the month, we have in addition to our store also outdoor everything what you need for a smooth start of the year at unbeatable prices ...including warm, stylish Clothing: JACKETS, snowboard/ski jackets, fluffy HOODIES, longsleeves, BEANIES, streetwear for boys & girls, KIDS-CORNER, skate-aid MERCH (100% organic cotton & fair-trade), LTD EDITION skate-aid x VANS, backpacks, accessories "rummage boxes", SKATEBOARDS, cruiserboards, longboards, hardware, T-SHIRT & HOODIE SPECIAL...and much more! The valid hygiene and distance regulations, 2G as well as mask requirement still apply. With your purchase you support our work and our worldwide projects!


Good luck, happiness, health and best wishes from your skate-aid team!


"Celebrate and promote" is the motto when skate-aid founder Titus Dittmanninvites to the Westenergie skate-aid-night in the festive ambience of the Skaters Palace. After a break in 2020 due to Corona, around 200 guests from all over Germany followed his call on 20.11.2021.


Namaste everyone! Gabu, our project coordinator for International Projects, set off for Nepal at the end of October. After landing in Kathmandu, he had 15 hours of overland travel, chaotic traffic and dark roads ahead of him until he arrived safely in Butwal. Gabu has traveled many countries for us. Nepal is one of those that challenge him in a completely different way...


"RTL - Wir helfen Kindern" (We help children) godfather Wotan Wilke Möhring: "Children have no lobby in our society. But children are our future, we must strengthen them!"

Kölnberg is a dreary, run-down high-rise complex in the Meschenich district, one of Cologne's biggest social hotspots. In the middle of the high-rise canyons, unexpectedly loud kids's laughter can be heard. On an old tennis court, numerous children and young people skate around with their boards. In the middle of it all: Wotan Wilke Möhring. The actor is visiting as a friend of skateboarding pioneer Titus Dittmann and as a godfather for "RTL - Wir helfen Kindern"


In a ceremony in the Lamberti Room of the District Government of Münster, District President Dorothee Feller presented the high honor to Titus Dittmann on October 21. She thus honored the decades-long commitment of the skateboarding pioneer and ambitious educator to the sporting and social spheres. Titus Dittmann is "many": skateboard pioneer and entrepreneur, racer, ex-student councilor, youth lobbyist, university lecturer and above all: instigator with skate-aid and the educational power of skateboarding in the context of worldwide youth aid projects.