Namaste from Nepal!

Namaste everyone!
Gabu, our project coordinator for International Projects, set off for Nepal at the end of October. After landing in Kathmandu, he had 15 hours of overland travel, chaotic traffic and dark roads ahead of him until he arrived safely in Butwal.Gabu has traveled many countries for us. Nepal is one of those that challenge him in a completely different way. At the same time, he meets - as almost everywhere in the world - many warm hearted and great people as well as cultural variety and for him new traditions. He finds the way people welcome him in Nepal particularly remarkable. "The way they greet people is just amazing! They pronounce the word Namaste while putting their palms together in front of their nose to say "Hello, how are you?" with a big smile and I think that's one of the warmest gestures you get from these charming people."
Our long-time volunteer Kiki also arrived safely in Kathmandu. Kiki has previously assisted us in Palestine, Namibia and Uganda. Most recently, he helped with the construction of the new Skull Bowl in Kampala. He’s currently preparing to travel to Butwal with the local skateboarders and then help with the skate park construction. We are very grateful for his awesome commitment.
In the next days the last bureaucratic things will be cleared and then we can finally start! Of course, we will keep you updated.