Costa Rica, San Isidro de El General

Short Profile

  • Destination:San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica
  • Short description:Meaningful leisure activities and pedagogically supervised skateboard workshops
  • Organisation:skate-aid e.V. München
  • Local partner:"Pura Vida Skateboarding" & „Vida Nueva“
  • Project period:2012 - 2018

The project

The "Pura Vida Skateboarding" initiative launched by Christian Petzold, the Costa Rican club "Vida Nueva" and skate-aid have jointly built a sports facility for skating to provide children and young people with safe and meaningful leisure time activities Way to self-determined, self-confident and responsible people to accompany. After a long planning and construction phase, we were able to jointly celebrate the opening of a skate park in San Isidro de El General in 2013.
The sustainability of the project was also ensured by the fact that skate-aid, with the help of the "Weltwärts" program, sent volunteers to Costa Rica to help us reach our goals and support the kids. In addition to skateboarding workshops and other workshops, which included content, e.g. concerned with equality and gender equality, disease management and preventive measures against disease, domestic violence or environmental protection. Meanwhile, the local club operates the skatepark independently.

This project was carried out by skate-aid e.V. München.