Tansania, Dodoma


  • Destination:Tanzania, Dodoma
  • Short description:Meaningful recreational offer and implementation of pedagogically supervised skateboard workshops
  • Organisation:skate-aid e.V. München
  • Local Parter:Don Bosco
  • Project period:2011-2017
  • Project reactivation2021

The project

The joint venture between Don Bosco and skate-aid realized a concrete skate park in Tanzania's capital Dodoma. The park has since then been the center of the sports complex at the School and Training Center of Don Bosco. To implement the project, skate-aid provided the know-how and a network of skateboarders and park planners who provided the parking plans. Skate-aid activists from Germany were on-site in the production and construction of the skate park, working closely with local organizations.
The ambitious construction project was planned in the summer of 2011 by Ralf Maier (Betonlandschaften). With the simplest of equipment, the park was optimized and built by skate-aid activist Axel Reichertz within just four weeks. The Skatepark was opened in July 2011.

skate-aid regularly sent volunteers to the project, including members of the Uganda Skateboard Union. This ensured the regular performance of skate workshops. In 2017, the project was completely handed over to our project partner Don Bosco.

The project was started by the Titus Dittman Foundation and then handed over to the skate-aid e.V. München.


In summer we were able to visit our project in Tanzania again. After the cooperation was resumed last year, our two coaches Simon and Abu are conducting several workshops a week and are working, after instructions by our International Project Manager Gabu, on the renovation of the skate park built in 2011. This is very necessary after years of intensive use and intense weather. The Kids were fully involved and are looking forward to skate through the park again without obstacles.