Afghanistan, Karokh

Short profile

  • DestinationAfghanistan, Karokh
  • Short description:Construction of a multifunctional sports facility for pedagogically assisted skateboarding
  • Organisation:skate-aid e.V. München
  • Local Partner:Grünhelme e.V.
  • Project period:2009 - 2018

The project

In April 2009, Titus Dittmann made his first appearance with Dr. Ing. Rupert Neudeck on the journey to the west of Afghanistan. Together they wanted to find out how to pool resources and competences to help the local kids. Our approach here is to use existing school structures to sustainably promote the projects.
Our project partner Rupert Neudeck rescued thousands of Vietnamese refugees in the Chinese Sea. In 2003 he became co-founder and chairman of the international peace corps Grünhelme e.V., which builds and promotes schools for children in Afghanistan, Africa and Palestine. At one such school, with 7,500 pupils, in Karokh in the province of Herat, skate-aid built Afghanistan's first outdoor concrete kate park.
skate-aid took over the complete financing and equipment of the skatepark through donations in cash and in kind. In September 2009, planning began. The green helmets provided the infrastructure and the proven construction manager Zobair Akhi, who has already successfully built 31 schools in Afghanistan for green helmets. In a joint venture, skate-aid independently coordinated the entire construction project, briefing on the rental program and building skateboarding training for the skate-aid activists Marc Zanger and Maurice Ressel. At the same time Marc assisted Zobair in the management of the park. The skatepark was planned by skate-aid activist Ralf Maier - landscape architect & concrete skate park builder. For the implementation, we hired a total of 40 locals from the region. On September 11, 2010, the skate-aid skate park was officially opened. Since then, the management and administration of the park and the skateboards has been completely handed over to the faculty. Skate-aid regularly supplies the students with the necessary hardware.

The project was started by the Titus Dittmann Foundation and handed over to skate-aid e.V. Munich.