New year, new to Namibia

New year, new luck! Even though we’re still locked down here in Germany, we took advantage of the partially open borders and our project coordinator Gabu flew with Canadian skate-aid volunteer Kyryll to Namibia. Kyryll has already volunteered in 2019 to support our project in Palestine for three months.
After COVID tests and lost luggage, the two arrived in Windhoek/Namibia on time, a week before school opened. January 26th was the first school day this year and the two are now activating our workshops on site. Checking skateboards, planning workshops, working out a new timetable with the teachers and at the same time our new local volunteer Michael was introduced into our work. Every day more kids come to the workshops and since skateboarding is not a contact sport, we can run our workshops legally and with a clear conscience. Besides the normal program we also do some small repair work. Today our new container will be delivered and we can store our skateboard equipment near the skatepark from now on. To all future and former volunteers: The dragging has finally come to an end!