In September 2020, we launched our GIRLS SKATE! campaign, which - thanks to your great support - became a permanent skate-aid initiative. With GIRLS SKATE! we want to actively change role stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue their interests and develop their skills. We want to show them that they can do anything, including skateboarding and create awareness of how valuable skateboarding can be for the personal development.

We empower girls!!

We were especially supported by Steve van Doren, who exclusively sponsored us the GIRLS SKATE! Vans. Our volunteer Kyryl happily handed out the first pairs in Namibia to the local girls in our skate park in Windhoek. A few weeks later, the girls in Uganda were delighted to receive the GIRLS SKATE! Vans, which project managerr Gabu had in his luggage! Next stop: Hopefully soon Syria!