Fall break skateboard workshops were a complete success

Thanks to the great cooperation, our westenergie x skate-aid skateboard workshops in the fall break were a huge success! We were on the road with our skate-aid coaches (including obstacles, boards and safety gear) in seven communities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony and the kids and everyone involved were totally excited.
The skateboard not only provides a lot of fun for all participants in these  free of charge workshops but is also a pedagogical tool to empower kids and to promote self-confidence, determination and their own free development. This is exactly what our experienced skateboard coaches encourage! Thanks to westenergie, participating kids were even allowed to take a new skateboard & workshop t-shirt home after the workshop, so they can stay on the board and keep skating.
Many thanks to westenergie and all participants in the communities...we’re already looking forward to next year!