GIRLS SKATE! is here to stay

This September we started with our new campaign GIRLS SKATE! We shape children through a unifying spirit. Skateboarding is more than just a "sport". It is about developing freely through intrinsic motivation, experiencing equality and learning what it means to grow up to be self-confident personalities. Fact is, however, that girls are still in second place in many areas: In the family, in education, or later in professional life. Girls are still consciously or subconsciously taught that they have to lower their expectations and that there are things they cannot achieve because of their gender.

And we want to change that! What started as a special awareness campaign for girls in skateboarding and "Female Empowerment", has become a permanent initiative of skate-aid. With various workshops specifically aimed at girls, we want to bring skateboarding closer to girls, because what has been working for years in our worldwide projects like Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda, Palestine and Syria, "that the kids learn to stand up again after falling down", is especially for girls still very important. Supported by female coaches, the girls feel comfortable with their first steps on a skateboard and thus become part of a community that does not differentiate by skin color, religion, gender or social status, but rather connects! The general prejudice that skateboarding is only for boys can be refuted with the hundreds of clips of "Girls on Boards". The special thing about skateboarding is that it can be practiced everywhere as a self-determined "sport" independent of clubs or premises. It strengthens the personality and thus prepares for the challenges in later life. We empower girls. GIRLS SKATE!