Container Projekt in Moldova

Balti/Moldova. More than half a million refugees who have arrived in Moldova from Ukraine since the beginning of the war represent an enormous challenge in view of the population of almost 2.6 million and the overall threat situation. The refugee camp in Balti was built by the association "Die AHRche e.V.” and handed over to the local administration. We’re also working closely with the local authorities. Coaches trained by skate-aid started the educational skateboarding workshop program for the refugee kids with the container we set up and trained local coaches. They took over at the end of 2022 and continue the project on site on their own responsibility with the support of skate-aid. Further container locations are being planned.

Here you can buy the skate-aid Special Edition "Peace for Ukraine" T-shirt. With your purchase you support our work and especially this project. We help refugee Ukrainian kids!