"Across The Bo(a)rders" container project

The skate-aid "Across The Bo(a)rders" container project for socially disadvantaged children started in Cologne-Meschenich.

The first location has now been opened at Kölnberg, one of Cologne's largest social hotspots. Here, up to 30 kids can borrow skateboards and safety gear twice a week at the container to skate and have fun together with the skate-aid coaches. The program will run for one year and is not about externally determined performance enhancement but focuses on self-determined learning and promoting intrinsic motivation.

Actor @wotanwilke -Möhring as a longtime skate-aid supporter and friend of @titusdittmann has called for donations at the RTL-Donation Marathon 2021 as a project-sponsor to realize the project...with success!

In the name of all kids we would like to thank all donors and participants for the support! Together we empower kids!