skate-aid international e.V.

The association

The non-profit skate-aid international e.V., headquartered in Berlin, is responsible for our projects in Germany and abroad. The constitution obliges the organization to implement our mission "We empower kids!" within the legal framework of the Tax Code for tax-privileged purposes. In its projects it’s implementing measures with the pedagogical power of skateboarding as a tool in these three non-profit areas:

  • Youth welfare in Germany and worldwide

  • Promotion of international sentiment and tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding

  • Promotion of sport

And here are some examples of what will be done concretely by skate-aid international e.V.

  • Free skateboard lessons in educational workshops with kids and teenagers

  • Construction and maintenance of skate parks

  • National and international sporting events

  • Youth exchange programs to reduce cultural barriers and prejudices

From the idea for a new project to the planning and realization, e.g. the construction of a new skate park up to skateboard workshops that take place there for kids and teenagers... Many more tasks are performed here, e.g. the selection and supervision of qualified coaches who volunteer for a certain period of time at the projects. Or taking care of partners within cooperations, e.g. local organizations on site and the proper documentation of all activities of the association in the context of the proof obligations and for the necessary transparency. The team of skate-aid international e.V. takes care of everything that is necessary to implement these complex tasks and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Of course, fundraising is also a very important task, because only with your help in form of donations, skate-aid can fulfill its mission. So, "let's help across the board!"

The Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are political objectives of the United Nations (UN) aimed at ensuring sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The objectives were designed in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) development process and became operative on 1 January 2016, with a term of 15 years (until 2030). In contrast to the MDGs, which in particular applied to developing nations, the SDGs apply to all countries.

These SDGs concern the work of skate-aid directly:

The statute of skate-aid international e.V. stipulates that we provide youth services and promote sports - thus we play a part in promoting the health and well-being of young people in particular.

In addition to our pedagogical work with the skateboard, which mainly teaches soft skills, we also regularly hold further workshops that expand the horizons and encourage further learning.

"Equal rights, equal duties, equal opportunities and equal power for women and men" is a principle of German development policy. Gender equality is a fundamental factor in sustainable development worldwide. Of course, these principles also apply to skate-aid. Since there’s still a lot to do, we specifically sponsor girls in our projects - for example in "GIRLS ONLY"-workshops.

As part of our projects, we create a social infrastructure that provides support and orientation for kids and teenagers. Our multifunctional sports facilities often develop into a meeting place in the communities.

As part of our educational workshops we support kids and teenagers on their way to adulthood. We want to teach them values ​​and help them to develop a strong character and withstand the temptations of gangs, drugs, theft, etc. We contribute to a positive social development in our world society.

In order to achieve our goals, we work mostly with partners, especially internationally. Terms such as technology-, know-how transfer and ownership have been part of our work since day one. Meanwhile, we’re working in an international network to jointly promote our goal – to empower kids!!


Since the various SDGs are mostly intertwined and mutually influence each other, the work of skate-aid indirectly also affects many of the other SDGs. skate-aid contributes in making the world a little bit better and above all promoting social development in Germany and worldwide.

Eilika Prinzessin von Anhalt, 1st Chairmann
Thomas Michel, 2nd Chairmann
Frank Weber, Treasurer