Summer holiday skateboard workshops were a complete success

The very successful cooperation with the Essen-based energy company innogy will already enter its fifth year in 2020. During the summer holidays skate-aid, in cooperation with Innogy, held 11 skateboard workshops in different communities in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Those who stayed at home had the opportunity to take their first steps on a skateboard or to improve their existing skills. The skateboard is also a pedagogical tool to empower kids and to promote self-confidence, personal responsibility, determination and their own free development.
Especially this self-determined motivation is encouraged by our experienced skateboard coaches and so all participants had a lot of fun! At the beginning of each workshop, the kids were introduced to skateboard "material science" and were able to assemble a skateboard themselves, which they were allowed to keep afterwards!
The Facts: 11 cities, 423 participants, 5588 km, 846 lunches, 423 boards built, 1600 bottles of water, 3384 bearings, 1692 wheels, 3384 screws, 3384 nuts, 1000 stickers, 423 t-shirts...
0 injuries!