GIRLS SKATE! Tour 2021

Last year, our GIRLS SKATE! campaign offered girls the opportunity to discover skateboarding for themselves in a series of workshops with our skate-aid coaches and the support of female skateboarders. The goal was not only to generate enthusiasm for skateboarding among the participants, but also to build a new community that will support and encourage girls to pursue their dreams and grow into self-determined women in the long run.
As part of the GIRLS SKATE! campaign, we have collected enough donations to be able to conduct a tour through Germany this year. In cooperation with local youth facilities, our 4 coaches will reach potentially 500 kids in 20 cities.
Since Monday, our GIRLS SKATE! Tour Crew is on the road. The first skateboard trail workshop took place on Tuesday in Dresden. Yesterday Leipzig was on the schedule and today our team is in Potsdam. Without you, our community, this tour would not be possible - a big "Thank You" for the numerous donations that we received last year for our GIRLS SKATE! project. Every day we’re excited about the videos and pictures from the different cities. Especially after the last difficult year, our hearts are burning even more! 
You want to follow our tour crew live? Just follow @girlsskkate for a daily update. 
 A big thank you to @titus for supporting us with a tour t-shirt as a giveaway for all participants!