Alea’s skate-aid travel diary Namibia Part 2/3

Today, a lot of topics are addressed and new goals are worked on: coordination in the skate parks, storage options for the boards, networking with authorities and partners, planning new skate parks, composition of various surfaces in the parks, drainage, team building, living situation of the volunteers and much more. Even in the evening you can still feel the energy of the day. I have the feeling that everyone has got a tailwind and everyone is happy that it continues in so many areas. I notice how unique the dynamic in the team is. Even if so many people from different countries have come here, you can clearly feel that everyone has a great common goal.

Unfortunately it rains half of the day and the kids cannot skate. For me that means pictures of screwing on the boards in the classroom of the school. Anyone who knows me knows that I always scratch my feet to take photos, but there are some things that you have no influence on. It is wonderful to see how concentrated the kids are putting together their boards or repair them. Everyone is completely crazy to get stickers. The children not only stick them to the boards, but also to their clothes and faces. There is a lot of laughter. Everyone proudly shows me their collected stickers and wants to be photographed. In the meantime I have developed my own sign language and the children understand me. There is a special atmosphere in the classroom, since none of the children speak. Everyone communicates silently about sign language and gives tips on how to fix this or that screw.

I share my room with skate-aid volunteer Sarah, who works on the project in Rwanda. We have a long conversation at bedtime about how difficult it is for aid organizations and how many different problems arise in different countries. I ask her about her wishes for her future and lots of great ideas gush out of her. Before we fall asleep we agree that it is fulfilling to help others and to be able to support them in achieving their dreams.

Thunderstorms are also announced for tomorrow! I hope the weather forecast is wrong so that I can take as many photos as possible ;)
To be continued…

Text & Photos by Alea Horst

Alea Horst is a freelance photographer who’s voluntarily joining us on our trip to Namibia. And here she recorded her impressions for us.