Support for free

Get the help rolling with us even without financial expenditure! Since 2009, skate-aid has been helping kids and teenagers all over the world to develop into strong and self-determined personalities. The skateboard with its educational power is a fantastic tool that has a positive effect in a variety of ways. There are several ways you can help us without having to dig deep.


Facebook fundraiser & birthday fundraiser

Support skate-aid by initiating a fundraiser for which you can donate. Birthday fundraisers in particular are also very popular on Facebook. Your birthday is coming up, you have everything you need and just don't know what else you should wan as a present?! Then just create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. The occasion does not necessarily have to be just a birthday. Company anniversaries, shop openings or weddings offer wonderful opportunities to relinquish the countless flowers and to empower kids with your fundraiser!
With this link you can quickly generate a fundraiser for skate-aid. Share it with supporters and encourage them to collect donations with you on Facebook.


Yukan App

Are you concerned about how much time you and your friends spend online in front of the screen? Here is a productive way to use your offline time to support our mission! ⁠We have teamed up with @Yukanapp to offer you this new incentive: For every hour that you spend offline, you donate to skate-aid true to the motto: "GO OFFLINE TO CHANGE THE WORLD". ⁠
⁠1. Download the app 2. Choose the time to disconnect. 3 Select skate-aid from the list of social projects. 4. Disconnect and enjoy some offline time while you support our cause! ⁠Try it out and tell your friends about it! ⁠


Donation can

It's so easy to support the good cause: If you have a shop or know a shop, practice just put up a donation can there. Write us an email to and we will send you a donation can and info material such as flyers, stickers etc. Together we will empower kids!


Board collection boxes

If you want to donate your old but still ridable deck/board for our good cause ... e.g. simply deposit it in the collection boxes in many Titus Shops all over the country. The stuff will be forwarded to us by the shops and we send it to our projects. Here you can find the shops where our board collection boxes are available:
No Titus Shop nearby? No problem! Just send it to our project office in Münster.


Amazon smile

We're actually not really huge fans of the online giant, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. You can support skate-aid with your online purchases and thus empowers kids!! Simply log in to your Amazon account via, select skate-aid international e.V. as the organization and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated directly to us without you having to pay a cent extra. How easy is that?! ;-) Together we empower kids!


NGO Browser

Frequently online and no money to donate? No problem! Simply support us by using our new skate-aid online search engine. It’s easy and free. Just add the NGO Browser to your Chrome or Firefox browser and support us continuously. With every search a small donation is automatically generated for us.