Further donation opportunities

With many occasions, the support for a good cause can be combined to let others share a joyful event or to connect something meaningful with a sad event.

Start a fund-raising campaign

Whether company party, anniversary, school party, birthday, the club, the charitable cake sale or flea market - all these are good opportunities to do something for skate-aid. Preferably you start your own fundraiser! From the presentation of our work to info materials and detailed video material - we provide everything. If desired, we’re also happy to assist you with the development of a concept…maybe a small idea will become something very big!

If you have questions or would like to discuss a donation campaign with us, just write an e-mail to: info@skate-aid.org



Donation instead of gifts

Celebrations or anniversaries ... multiply the joy with a fundraiser. Celebrating and being together with our loved ones makes us happy. Multiply this happiness with a donation campaign in favor of skate-aid or donate your desired amount onetime to skate-aid on behalf of the donee. In addition you receive an exclusive gift certificate. A very special and sustainable gift is the skate-aid support membership, which already exists from an amount of 60 Euros per half-year. A gift that gets the help rolling!
Click here for the form: Donate instead of giving


Your donation in kind for skate-aid

For the construction and maintenance of the skate parks and to equip the kids with skateboards and protective equipment, as well as the implantation of workshops and excursions, but also to cover current costs such as postage, phone, EDP, press and public relations, legal and tax advice donations in kind or service donations are very welcome. In any case, please talk with us in advance about the need, the transportation and the possibility of a donation receipt. If you would like to support one of our projects with a donation in kind, just write an e-mail or call: 0251/52 000 888



Donations in bereavement

“The only important thing in life are the traces of love that we leave when we have to go unasked and say goodbye”. (Albert Schweitzer)

The loss of a loved one leaves you powerless. You are full of pain and nothing and nobody can make it more bearable. Relatives and friends want to express their grief in an appropriate way and at the same time give something good and hope to others in the sense of the deceased. With a call for donations to commemorate the relative, it is possible to consciously set a sign for life, to give kids hope and the chance for a better life. We sincerely thank you for choosing to support our work for kids and teenagers worldwide by giving away flowers or wreaths during this difficult time. If wanted, we would to help organizing the funeral donations. Contact us at 0251/52 000 888 or by e-mail: info@skate-aid.org