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skate-aid support GmbH

The company

With the skate-aid support GmbH there’s an purposeful reinforcement element within the skate-aid structure.  It’s a 100% subsidiary of the Titus Dittmann Foundation of skate-aid founder Titus Dittmann and, as its name suggests, skate-aid's support.

The company supports with entrepreneurial means in the sense of social entrepreneurship the mission of skate-aid. As a result, the SAS and its team will be the perfect contact, especially for other companies, if support for the good cause is not in the form of a donation, but rather, for example. through sponsorship, such as skateboarding workshops – which have the same content as the nonprofit associations.


Services provided by skate-aid support GmbH:

  • Skateboard workshops

  • Events for skate-aid, e.g. the skate-aid-night

  • Taking care of sponsors

  • License business and collaborations

  • skate-aid merchandise

  • Sales at festivals and flea markets

  • Shipping, import and other services

  • Communication, e.g. skate-aid magazine, Facebook etc.


In this way, skate-aid benefits from many advantages of a company to fulfill its mission. And as a "mother", the Titus Dittmann Foundation uses the proceeds of its subsidiary to promote the charitable work of skate-aid international e.V. That's real support!