C&A skate-aid-night powered by Lexus

M├╝nster 2016

On November 12, 2016 the time has come: we invite you to the 11th annual “C&A skate-aid-night 2016 powered by Lexus” at the Skaters Palace in Münster.

An exceptional event which has continuously grown over the years, arisen from the idea to push meaningful projects through a charity event, true to the motto “celebrating for a good cause”. A unique symbiotic relationship between serious matters, dynamic youth culture and atmospheric celebrations might be the main indicator for the great appreciation that the event experienced over the years.

The 11th skate-aid-night allures with celebrities, an entertaining supporting program and culinary highlights. Like every year, the proceeds of the event will support our worldwide efforts to get the hope and vitality of kids and teenagers rolling.

We’re looking forward to experience an unforgettable night with you!

FAQ: charity@skate-aid.com or call 0251 / 52 000 888

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