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The situation

To do sports moves your body and soul. Since many years, skate-aid uses this sportive potential worldwide to keep the hope rolling through the power of skateboarding. Under the roof of skate-aid, the “Sportpatenprojekt” (est. 2012) of Dr. Marie-Christine Ghanbari will be now a consistent component, to set an integrative sign for the work with refugees in Münster. Sport Science students of the Westphalian Wilhelms University Münster and high school students of the “Friedensschule”  Münster  act as well as so called “Sports Godfathers”.

The project

In an intensive one to one supervision the kids will be accompanied and supported sports wise for one year. With help of different sportive activities, these kids will be encouraged and strengthened in their motoric, mental and emotional development. The already ongoing project will be now supplemented through refugee kids, who will be involved in the process. There will be only one refugee kid at a time added to a “Sportpaten-Team” consisting of one “Pate” and one kid. The “Sportpatenprojekt “, which has been decorated with the “Cusanus-Award” 2013 has a long term goal setting and not only the kids benefit from the program…also the “Sportpaten”, often teacher trainees, benefit from their task and the takeover of responsibility. They get a deep insight in the living situation of the refugees and they were sensitized for the inequality of educational prerequisites. For the project, which includes different sports, the skateboard, as a meaningful instrument, is a perfect tool. Skateboarding, unlike other sportive activities, is not competitive characterized. Therefor it’s not competition oriented and demands a certain self-organization, which leads to creativity and personal development.
The project already succeeded at the “Friedensschule” and the “Herrmannschule”, Münster, and that showed, what the self-organization of skateboarding can achieve. Not performance and winning are the major focus of the sportive activity…it’s the community spirit which is enhanced by the “Sportpatenprojekt”.
“I am, because we are”, that’s how Dr. Marie-Christine Gahnbari describes the goal setting.  Many refugees are familiar with this community spirit. Often, they’re from a collectivistic culture in which is combined movement, e.g. dance and music an important component, says Dr. Ghanbari. “Sportpatenprojekt” together with skate-aid now use this “motion-culture” to contribute to a successful integration. In 2013/2014 Syrian refugee kids were already included in the project. Whoever is interested can participate in the integrative work of the ongoing project as a “Sportpate”…just talk to skate-aid. This project is collaborating with the “Arbeitsbereich der Sportpsychologie der Universität Münster”.  Students can credit the project as a course for their studies.


Dr. Marie Ghanbari with Titus Dittmann and "Sportpaten"kid with classmates.

Sponsored run June 2015 "Sportpate" Klara with "Sportpaten" kid Nancy.

SC Preußen Münster.

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