Short profile

Country, project location: Palestine, Bethlehem
Short description: construction of a multifunctional skatepark
Local partners: SOS-Childrenvillage Bethlehem
Project start: 2013

The project

Together with SOS Kinderdörfer and skate-aid wants to improve the situation of the traumatized children in Bethlehem with help of a multifunctional skatepark. The kids get the chance to let off steam and to reinforce the communal spirit. 

The skatepark has been built in 2014. Located on the ground of the SOS-Hermann-Gmeiner-School, the park facilitates an integration of sportive activities in school education; hereby a pedagogical background is given. Focusing on 10-year-old children, bringing fun and joy to them, the already experienced adolescents rather will be integrated in a supporting program, which for example encourages advanced skateboarding practice and group dynamic projects that foster a community-feeling through sports and movement.
The “SOS-Kinderdorf” is located close by the historical place Shepherd’s Field, where the population still suffers, besides warlike conflicts and instable political situation, under a high unemployment rate and a high poverty. Around 46% of the population is living under the governmental poverty level.

When realizing the construction of the skateboard park, adolescents were are able to support and help with the construction work, which facilitates a learning effect regarding insights into handicraft and craftsmanship. Additionally it contributes and increases the positive relation towards the project. Those activities not only support self-confidence, moreover it contributes to their job prospects.
Within the progress of the project, a narrow cross-linkage of informal and formal education, apprenticeship, community-feeling, leisure and sports activities are established.

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