India, Panna


The situation

With over 1,2 billion inhabitants, India is one of the most populous countries on earth and also one of the most diverse countries. Even with a good economic development, in many parts of India poverty is one of the agenda. At rural areas malnutrition is nearly normal. The regional division of the problems is clear to see, the Federal State of Madhya Pradesh is particularly striking. The Federal State of Madhya Pradesh, where Panna is located, 60 percent of all kids are malnourished.  

For these kids, education is the only chance to reach the social advancement and an improvement of their living conditions. To attend a public school is for free between the age of 6 and 14 years, today most of all kids are getting enrolled.  But the number of school dropouts is increasing dramatically.  Especially at the rural areas many kids are only receiving a rudimentary education. The discrimination against girls is another problem. Their chance to enroll is lower than that of the boys.

The project

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