Afghanistan, Karokh

Gr├╝nhelme e.V.

The situation

Decades of war and civil war have destroyed Afghanistan. The consequences of these wars still weigh heavily on the Central Asian country. Everyday life in Afghanistan is still marked by crises, insecurity and poverty. The country is among the poorest in the world, with infrastructural shortcomings, a high level of illiteracy and industrial production barely existing. These factors hamper a self-sustaining economic development - Afghanistan is significantly dependent on the support of the international community.

In order to pave the way for a safe future in Afghanistan, it is particularly important to support the young generation. Children and youth are the future decision-makers of Afghan society. Strengthening and promoting stability and democracy must therefore start with supporting children and adolescents

Gender equality is an important issue within the cooperation with Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan are still excluded from many political and social processes. Therefore skate-aid particularly aims at the inclusion of girls in Afghanistan. The skateboard is the ideal tool for this purpose: often completely unknown, Skateboarding is not yet characterized as male or female sports, this often makes it the only sports in which girls may participate.

The project

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