Rwanda, Kigali

SOS Children's Village Kigali

The situation

Thanks to the growth of the economy in the last couple of years, Rwanda has evolved to an African flagship country. The annual rates of increase are mainly based on the construction industry, information technology and the service sector. Rwanda set itself ambitious goals for the future and wants to have the status of a “Middle Income Country” in 2020. But the poorest of the poor don’t profit from the progress: almost 40% of the population is living below the poverty line. 80% of the population makes a living from farming. But because of drought and soil erosion the harvests are getting more and more barren and the families escape to the cities. But even there, life is difficult and full of deprivation. Therefore there’s little room for the needs of kids and teenagers.

Especially in the capital Kigali, kids and teenagers grow up under difficult conditions. According to estimates there are 5000 to 10000 street kids in Kigali, HIV/Aids is widespread, poverty is omnipresent and the genocide of 1994 is still dividing society.

Many kids and teenagers lost their parents, can’t be supplied by relatives because of the great poverty or just ran away from family problems. These kids are exposed to dangers like violent crime or sexual exploitation. Many kids quit school and therefore they don’t have the chance of a better future.

With our project we want to reach all of these kids and give them new hope of a better future.

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