Ruanda, Kigali

SOS Children's Village

Short profile

Country, Location: Rwanda, Kigali
Description: Multi-functional sports facility for skateboarding
Local partner: SOS Children’s Village Kigali
Start of project: 2016

The project

With the construction of a multi-functional skate park on the property of the SOS Children’s Villages, there is a location, where the kids and teenagers of the capitol will have the opportunity to arrange their leisure time in a protected environment.

The skate park, which was opened in April 2016, will be used first of all by the kids of the nearby elementary school of the SOS Children’s Village. The school has 650 students, 75 boys and girls from the Children’s Village and the neighborhood attend the SOS-kindergarten.

Kids and teenagers without any connection to the SOS Children’s Villages can also use the multi-functional skate park in their leisure time. The boys and girls will be maintained by a skate-aid activist and can participate in guided skateboard sessions on a regular basis. skate-aid supplies the required skate equipment, like skateboards, safety gear, helmets and hardware for the kids.

With this skate park we’ve created a meeting point for kids and teenagers, who want to have fun and learn from each other at the same time. Origin, religion or skin color doesn’t matter. What counts, is the own motivation to outgrow themselves sports wise, the group coherence and the enthusiasm for skateboarding.

Through skateboarding, the kids and teenagers develop new self-esteem, community awareness, personal responsibility and determination-characteristics which let them face the future strong and independent!

Now we have to further advance the project! Interested kids and teenagers should get skate equipment and guided skateboard sessions on a regular basis. We need your support!

Help with your donation now!


Takko hilft e.V.

Supporter of the skate park in Kigali

Since 2004 employees of the Takko Holding GmbH are engaged in this charitable initiative on a voluntary basis. The goal is, to support direct and uncomplicated facilities and institutions for kids and teenagers.

Thanks to the great financial support of Takko hilft e.V. we here at skate-aid could realize our plans of a multifunctional park for disadvantaged kids and teenagers in Kigali.


We would like to thank Takko hilft e.V. from the bottom of our heart!

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