Review of Torben's Africa-Tour

Part I Namibia

The first tour stop of our chairman Torben was our upcoming project in Windhoek/Namibia.  Right when he got there, he was already facing his first challenge: the groundbreaking ceremony was coming up soon and the airline has lost his luggage. After buying replacement shirt and pants he was just in time for an Q & A at the “Breakfast TV” of the Namibian TV station NBC.  There was a  huge welcoming committee at the groundbreaking ceremony in Windhoek: the exchange program of Global Experience, which was accompanied by our skate-aid activist Benien, the kids of the surrounding schools, local skateboarders,  a lot of Namibian media representatives and last but not least the German ambassador Mr. Christian Schlaga.

Following this, Benien performed a skateboard work-shop with hearing impaired and intellectually impaired kids. It became apparent, that especially these kids were in love with skateboarding immediately.  The skate park in Windhoek connects three schools. In a country, where’re they have to face a lot of prejudices because of their handicaps, the park gives these kids a place where they can develop child-oriented and just have a careless and fun time.

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Gallery Namibia, 2016

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