Supported projects in Africa


Exile government Frente Polisario

Together with the local schools and the exil governement Frente Polisarion skate-aid plans to build a sport- and skateboard facility in 2015 for the kids at the refugee camps of the Sahrawi people.




Together with the Shangilia Deutschland association, the Dirk-Nowitzki foundation and the Skateboarding Society of Kenya skate-aid build Kenyias first multifuncitinoal skatepark.



Associação do Skate de Moçambique (ASM)

skate-aid supports the Associação do Skate de Moçambique (ASM) to establish a  long-term offer of skateboard workshops and other various sport activities for disadvantaged kids in Maputo, Mozambique.


Kigali, SOS Children Village Kigali

With the construction of a multi-functional skate park on the property of the SOS Children’s Village Kigali, there is a location, where the kids and teenagers of the capitol will have the opportunity to arrange their leisure time in a protected environment. With our project we want to reach all of these kids and give them new hope of a better future.

South Africa

Cape Town,
Don Bosco

In May 2010 skate-aid build a mobile skatepark with a miniramp at the center for streetchildren of Salesianer Don Bosco. Now renovations are inevitable, furthermore new obstacles will be build.


Goethe Institute

skate-aid supports Larissa Furhmann, Deniz Ertin and the Sudanese volunteers at the first skateboard workshop at the youth center Al-Sajjina in Khartoum in 2013. More projects will follow.



Don Bosco & CV-Afrika-Hilfe e.V.

skate-aid and Don Bosco build the first skatepark in Dodoma. The chance for teenagers to escpae the drab monotony of their daily lifes. Now the kids and teenagers will be guided and trained professionaly.




Uganda Skateboard Union

skate-aid build a skatepark in Kampala together with the Uganda Skatebaord Union. The plans for the near future are to extend the park and to build an office and a storage for hardware.


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