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Kickflips Over Occupation


Kickflips Over Occupation is a short documentary by Maen Hammad which documents the emerging skate scene in Palestine, highlighting the work done by the charities skate-aid and SkatePAL.

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Finding Solace in Skating

between 10 and 5

"The Skater" is a short film produced by Ginkgo Agency about Peter, a 17 year old boy from Cape Town who is in a situation that far too many young people in South Africa are faced with: homlessness.[...] The purpose of "The Skater" is to assist skate-aid by highlighting their cause to encourage the donation of clothes and skateboards so that they can continue  to offer these opportunities to the homeless youth of Cape Town.

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Brighten futures with skate-aid


Ginkgo Agency is a creative hub of photographers, filmmakers,writers,editors and producers from Cape Town. As an agency, Ginkgo's aim is to share positive stories. The latest feel-good story is one full of hope and goodwill. It focuses on the work of skate-aid an Salesian Institute Youth Projects which has used skateboarding as a means to uplift disadvantaged youth.

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Palestine & Israel Experience

Reell Spring/Summer Collection 2016

A wall between two countries with so many different cultures and religions. [...] In cooperation with "SOS Children's Village International" the charity organisation "skate-aid" built a skate-park for kids to conjure a great time without any borders.

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Palestine's skate park: ramping up efforts to give kids a normal life

the guardian

A project to build askatepark in Bethlehem has given children affected by the Israel-Palestine conflict a taste of a normal childhood.

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