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First Skateboarding festival in Rwanda by skate-aid

Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee

That was a great coincidence, the first Skateboarding Festival in Rwanda, organized by Rwanda skate-aid Skateboarding took place on Sunday June 26th, final day of the Olympic Week. The Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee could not miss the chance to support this great initiative especially as skateboardng just entered the Olympic sport family.

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Hucks top ten skateboarding projects that are changing the world

Author, futurist and community activist Ulrike Reinhard founded Janwaar Castle to reinvigorate a rural village through skateboarding.

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Peach Games

Saturday the 25th June from 2-6 pm @ Salesian's Skate Park:2 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town.

Free entrance. Snacks are available to buy. [...]

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The New Generation Super Tough Of The Union!!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union

Skateboard Union, which is an NGO Project in Uganda, introduced the game in 2005 when a local Citizen Jackson Mubiru plus other two foreigners Sheal Swart from South Africa Cape town and Brian Lye from Canada Vancouver introduce Skateboarding to the Youth of Uganda!

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Skatepark SOS Children’s Village Bethlehem

A unique building project in Palestine took form. In Bethlehem, a skateboard park was built – on the grounds of the SOS Children‘s Village. The charity organisation Skate-Aid and the SOS Children‘s Villages are making possible what seemed hardly possible in this country – to convey the feeling of joy and happiness to the many traumatized children in the long term.

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Lessons of Life on a Skateboard in Nairobi

John Kiara, 15, wipes sweat off his forehead as he stares down at a stair set of his height. He runs a few steps, hops on a skateboard and jumps down the drop. The impact of landing shakes his balance slightly off and he falls forward on the concrete. Kiara brushes his hands off the sand dust, grabs the board and runs up the stairs for another try. [...] Gluche contacted Skate-aid, a German organization that supported Skateistan, to propose his idea.
Skate-Aid got immediately interested in Gluche's proposal and sent a director to visit Kenya for project planning in the following spring. Funding got fixed and all seemed feasible, but the biggest issue turned out to be where to build the park

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In celebration of the release of the Converse Cons One Star World Tour video release Converse Cons put up some prizes for Cape Town's highest  ollies, gave away a ton of pizza, and premiered the video at the Salesian Institute in Cape Town this past weekend.

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How skating is transforming children's lives

Business Daily

Skateting, which is practised wolrdwide, is said to be a good tool for youth empowerment but it is not until recently that the sport became widespred in Kenya. [...] skate-aid, a German NGO, started training children on how to skate but lack of ample free space proved to be obstacle.

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