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A skate park for Syria

Ready...set...GO!! Thanx to our successful fundraising campaign in cooperation with SOS-Kinderdörfer weltweit and SOS Children's Villages Syria our construction team arrived in Damascus and has already started our mission. The Syrian kids are more than excited and ready to provide help wherever help is needed! We'll keep you updated...

Thanx to Betonlandschaften for the on-site support!

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Syria...here we come!

For us, a skate park is not just a skate park, but also a meeting place. That's why we were very happy to be able to integrate a playground in Syria on the property of the skate park. The playground equipment has been donated to us by Stilum. Once again a big thank you for so much commitment, because not only the playground equipment but also the costs and the organization of the transport are taken over by them. It was a great challenge to find a carrier who delivers a container to Syria. Since Syria is still considered a war zone in the back of many people’s minds, it was much harder than expected. But with help of our local partner, SOS Children’s Villages Syria, we could finally solve the problem. Now we are ready to go and the project will start in the middle of March!

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Skateboards for Namibia

Our volunteers Felix and Sören received some skateboard stuff from us for our project in Windhoek/Namibia. The teachers and students of the Schillergymnasium in Münster took stuff for the kids with them as part of an exchange program visit. Thank you (to The Global Experience too) and have fun!

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Happy New Year

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“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela-

Thank You, Vielen Dank, Merci Beaucoup, Muchas Gracias…the whole skate-aid team would like to thank you for the great support, your total commitment and the awesome collaboration.

We wish you a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

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C&A skate-aid-night supported by innogy

A lot of celebrities walked down the red carpet on December, 2 at the Skaters Palace in Münster. The occasion was the 13th C&A skate-aid-night supported by innogy. In-between skateboard ramps and graffiti, crystal glass and candle light, the motto of the legendary charity event was traditionally “celebrating and encouraging”. 300 guests and numerous celebrities, like actor Wotan Wilke Möring and comedian Simon Gosejohann celebrated in this unique location and collected 65.000€ for skate-aid projects.

Photo Gallery


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Pure Happiness

The 8 year old hearing impaired rookie skateboarder Dalon from Windhoek, Namibia, at the moment, when he figured out, that he’s on the cover of the current skate-aid-Magazine. The expression in his eyes says it all!

If you want to support kids like Dalon just click at the Donation-Button above

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VANS x skate-aid

VANS, our favorite shoe company, is supporting skate-aid big time with this reusable bag. For every bag sold 1 Euro goes to support skate-aid programs/projects around the globe. Check out your local VANS store all over Europe and grab one while it´s hot!

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skate-aid Skatepark in Namibia will be opened!

The last few weeks weren’t easy in Windhoek, but the whole construction crew gave everything they had and now the grand opening is coming up! Thanx to everyone who made this awesome project possible!

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KING ICE x skate-aid

KING ICE, the trendy Hip Hop jewelry company from LA, that has people like Snoop Dogg and The Game in their family, did a nice KING ICE x skate-aid collab pendant & necklace! The stylish silver and gold plated pieces were barely done, when Girl Skateboards Pro Brandon Biebel already took his sample during a visit at the KING ICE headquarter. With parts of the proceeds, KING ICE supports the world wide skate-aid projects. Get the stuff HERE

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skate-aid Skateboard-Workshop Series in cooperation with C&A

The 4th skateboard-workshop within the skate-aid x C&A Skateboard-Workshop Series took place at the Hypopark Skatepark in Munich. For two days, Kids from Munich and surrounding communities, and also from different refugee facilities, could enjoy skateboarding with the support of experienced skateboarders. For some kids it was the first time on a skateboard while others improved their existing skating skills. Furthermore they’ve got a view at the history of skateboarding and material science. Boards, helmets and safety gear were provided and the kids were really motivated and enthusiastic….it was awesome! The weather was excellent on both days and it was a successful and fun time! Thanx to Mike, Dani, Valentin and all parents and guardians who were there. Bavarian kids rule!

For more info about C&A x skate-aid click HERE

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NIKON x skate-aid

We’re more than happy to announce NIKON as our official camera equipment partner! The amazing KeyMission 360 video about our South African mission is the first collaboration between NIKON and skate-aid. Awesome pictures and guaranteed goosebumps! And watch out…there’s more to come!

Watch the video here!
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skate-aid skate park project in Namibia

Next hurdle cleared on the way to a new skate-aid skate park project in Windhoek/Namibia!
Within a press conference in Münster/Germany, Adolf Kinda, principal of the A.Shipena School from Windhoek, handed over the official building permit certificate to Titus Dittmann (representing skate-aid). As a result, the project can be implemented this year. The project is financed by donations. For more info just go to “Donate”.

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Skateboard Workshop Brakel/Germany

The skate-aid skateboard workshop in Brakel/Germany was a total success! Our experienced flea tamer Christian and Tobi were there for a week and with support of the Youth Activity Center Brakel, they gave everything they have to make the kids smile. On the last day even the mayor and the sponsors showed up to check it out. Thanks for the great support and the really good set-up! The kids and all other participants had an amazing time! We’ll be back!

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skate-aid in the land of the pharaohs

Our Egyptologists are back from the land of the pharaohs! The German School in Hurghada/Egypt invited us to a “Cultural Week”, in which we conducted skateboard workshops. The kids of the classes 2-9 were stoked and the week was a total success. There are already talks about additional cooperation projects. Thanx to all teachers and sponsors who made this happen…and of course to all kids who excited everybody with their joy and enthusiasm. Maa alslama…see you next time!

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News from Nairobi

Robin says goodbye to Kenya! For 8 month he was our volunteer at the skate-aid Shangilia Skatepark Nairobi/Kenya. Among other things, he helped building the new pyramid and an action playground on the property and even visited the guys in Uganda. Unfortunately his time is up now and Casper will take his place. Thanx a lot for your commitment, Robin…have a safe trip home! The kids will definitely miss you!

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Project work in Namibia

Our Initiator Titus Dittmann planned his vacation in order that he could visit the inclusion project of the Münster UNESCO schools “Primusschule” and “Schillergymnasium”, that is attended by skate-aid. He participated in various dates which are very important for the project. He flew into Windhoek at his own expense to meet the Governor, the German Ambassador and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While he was there, the first ramps, built by the kids with the help of our activists, were inaugurated. At the same spot, there’s also a skate-aid concrete skate park being planned.

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Amin and his great day

It was his great day: the 14-year-old Iraqi Amin has participated successfully in the refugee skateboard-workshop “Across the Bo(a)rders” at the Skaters Palace skate hall in Münster/Germany. He was very determined, focused and enthusiastic and finally, he earned his own skateboard through the skate-aid “Social-Points-System”. Skateboard instructor Daniel and the project supervisors Kim and Anna brought him the good news…and the skateboard of course. Congratulations on behalf of the whole skate-aid crew and a big thank you to the C&A Foundation for sponsoring this project.

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Happy New Year from the skate-aid headquarters

What a start of the year: Dwindle Distribution from Los Angeles has flowed us tons of decks, trucks and wheels! After an AGENDA Tradeshow visit Maik went to see Beau Brown and his crew in the City of Angels. Spontaneously they’ve packed everything expandable in boxes….in a lot of boxes! That’s how uncomplicated and easy support can be. Thanx a bunch guys! See ya next time…for a cold drink in California or here with us in good ol’ Germany!

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Skate-workshop in Brakel

From October 10-14, 2016 skate-aid and innogy SE, in cooperation with the community Brakel, will organize a free skate- and longboard-workshop at the youth center Brakel. For one week, the kids can skate and decorate boards with graffiti under professional guidance of the skate-aid staff. Skating, creating…and having FUN!

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PENNY supports local social commitment

Vote now!

We need your “Thanks”! Support our „Across the Bo(a)rders“- project in Munich with your daily digital “Thanks” until October, 21. The 10 associations with the most acknowledgements will be introduced to the “PENNY-Förderkorb”-Jury and will have the chance to get incentives with a total value up to 12.000 Euro!

Here we go…just click the link and vote.
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skate-aid skate park opening in Rwanda


Back in April the latest skate-aid skate park was opened in Kigali/Rwanda. The park was built in cooperation with “SOS Children’s Villages Worlwide” and “Betonlandschaften”. It was financially supported by the German “Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development” and by “Takko hilft e.V.” and should assure free development of the local kids and teenagers. Besides skate-aid representatives Titus, Torben and Maik, there were also a coulple of skate-aid activists at the opening, who taught the kids some skateboarding basics.The park was artistically designed by the german graffiti artist René Turrek and the kids of the nearby SOS Children’s Village. A big THANX also to Jucker Hawaii, TITUS, Santa Cruz Skateboards and TSG for supporting this project.

Click here for the full length video!
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XOUNTS up your life!

Now there's something for your ears and eyes! At first sight it looks like a stylish lamp, but it turns out to be a real all-round talent, which combines a 360 ° stereo sound system and a custom lamp. Whether in your own home, in the garden or directly at your favorite spot - the sound by sound pyramid, which is about an meter high, is absolutely top. Meanwhile, we are represented with 3 exclusive skate-aid styles.

With each sold skate-aid style flows a commission back to skate-aid . "XOUNTS good"!

Click here to order your own "XOUNTS x skate-aid" stereo sound system!
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Skateboard workshop in Altenberge,

On the 15th of August we started our skateboard-workshop in Altenberge, Germany, in co-operation with RWE "Energiekarussell". Jochen Paus, (mayor of Altenberge), Franz-Josef Reinke (RWE) and Ingrid Menden (community Altenberge) opened the kickoff event. We are very excited to introduce 50 kids to the world of skateboarding: designing graphics for their decks, building ramps and last but not least learning some basic tricks.

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skate-aid needs your help - donate now!

Southside 2016

The Southside Festival 2016 in germany was tough: about 82 injured people, devastation and finally the cancellation of the festival. Blessing in disguise, " only " our equipment is damaged. That still hits us very hard, as we generate donations by sale proceeds on events to get money for our worldwide projects. We urgently need your help for a new flea market stall! Click here for the fundraising campaign.

Click here for the full length video!

Pic: Torben Oberhellmann during project trip to Namibia, 2016.

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Help Across the Board - Perspectives given through skate culture

Lecture July 4th in Münster by skate-aid Project Manager Torben Oberhellmann

On Monday 4th July our Project Manager Torben Oberhellmann gives a lecture about "War in life - life at war" at Pension Schmidt in Münster. He refers about perspectives given through skate culture in crisis regions such as Afghanistan , South Africa and Lebanon. Admission is free, doors 8pm - See you there!

Click here for the event!
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skate-aid Mag No. 6

Read it now online!

Read the latest issue of the skate-aid Mag No. 6 now online! News, events, projects, collabos... Stay uptodate! For example about our latest project in Kigali, Rwanda. In cooperation with ”SOS Children’s villages worldwide“ and after 2 months of construction, Rwanda’s first skate park was built in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We’ve gotten the world of kids and teenagers rolling worldwide since 2006.

Read skate-aid Mag No. 6 now online!
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BUN BITES BEEF x skate-aid


We got a new collabo together with "BUN BITES BEEF" from Münster, Germany = the "skate-aid Burger" - with ingredients inspired by our worldwide projects - delicious! With every sold burger you can support skate-aid.

More information!

Credit: Screenshot, Artland Studios 2016

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Jucker Hawaii x skate-aid


The „skaid“ complete longboard is the result of our second collaboration with JUCKER HAWAII. The stylish and remarkable graphics are representing the national colors of the countries, where we maintain projects. For sure you’re gonna see some jaws dropping when you’re cruising down the street on the “skaid”, that we also carried in our luggage when we went to Rwanda aka “The Land of a Thousand Hills” and Artland Studios kept their camera rolling – check it out! And go ahead to www.juckerhawaii.com or www.titus.de to get your own "skaid" longboard!

Click here to see the full clip!
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ESPEROS x skate-aid


ESPEROS, from Texas, supports skate-aid, with each sold backpack one aspects of the proceeds go to skate-aid projects. Style , functionality, durability and fair production - Thanks for the support! You want to get one of the backpacks? Click here!

Click here for the official collab video!
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skate-aid vs. school sports

In cooperation with the Wilhelm-Hittorf-Gymnasium / Münster, a skate-aid skateboard workshop for students and their “godchilds” took place at the Skaters Palace. Under the guidance of some instructors, everyone had fun skating and skate-aid founder and initiator Titus Dittmann told them about the history of skateboarding and the work of skate-aid. There was free ice-cream at the end of the session and everyone was exhausted but happy! Thanx to all the participants and see you next time!

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skate-aid goes TV - portrait about skate-aid founder Titus Dittmann

Watch it now online!

WDR is made a 45 minutes portrait of skateboard pioneer and skate-aid founder Titus Dittmann as part of their TV series “Doku am Freitag-Pioniere aus NRW”.

Titus gives WDR an insight view at stages of his life and companions and friends tell about shared experiences.  Watch it now online!

Click here to view the whole documentary!
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Review of Torben's Africa-Tour

In February, our chairman Torben Oberhellmann payed a flying visit to some of our projects in Africa. It started with a ground breaking ceremony for a new skate-aid skate park in Windhoek/Namibia. The next stop was South Africa, where Torben visited our long term project in Cape Town and met a lot of old friends. And last but not least he flew into Maputo/Mozambique. During the renovation of the Maputo skate park he met up with Isard Pindula, the president of the local skateboard association ASM.

Check out more details and photos of Torben’s trip – enjoy browsing!
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Opening of a new skate-aid skate park in Rwanda

…and off they go! Torben, Benien and Maik are on their way to Rwanda!  Monday morning the skate-aid crew took the plane from Düsseldorf to Kigali to join the grand opening of a new skate-aid skate park which was realized in cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages International. The park was built and completed in March by “Betonlandschaften” from Cologne and will be beautified with colors this week, before on the grand opening will take place on Friday.

We’ll keep you updated…

Pic: Namibia, February 2016, Torben Oberhellmann

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Donate your old skate-stuff!

Currently we’re desperately looking for skateboard trucks, wheels and decks for our projects. Just look around and maybe you can donate your old and used stuff, so we can give kids around the globe the chance to be part of our skate-aid projects.



Do you have skateboard stuff to donate?

Just write to: info@skate-aid.org

Pic by Dr. Marie-Christine Ghanbari, 2015.

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"Sportpatenprojekt" on german television

Under the roof of skate-aid, the “Sportpatenprojekt” (est. 2012) of Dr. Marie-Christine Ghanbari will be now a consistent component, to set an integrative sign for the work with refugees in Münster.

Click here to view the project!

View the clip online!

Credit: EIN AUSBLICK, Costa Rica, 2015.

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Become a volunteer for our project in Costa Rica or Bolivia!

Apply now!

You want to discover the world and get involved in skate-aid? Apply now! We’re looking for volunteers for our projects in Bolivia and Costa Rica.  In cooperation with “Eine Welt Netz NRW” and “Weltwärts” we’re sending out volunteers to our projects in La Paz/Bolivia and San Isidro/Costa Rica.

Click here for further information!

Pic by: Harry Gerrard

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skate-aid skate park Rwanda

The construction of our new skate park in Rwanda, together with betonlandschaften, is in full swing! Our volunteer Gabriel, who is usually based at our project in Kenya, just arrived in Rwanda and is also helping out!

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Video of our covershot for the latest skate-aid Mag No. 5!

Here the video of the covershot with Benien at Skaters Palace in Münster. The latest issue is now available online and in several Titus Shops. Since 2009 skate-aid is getting the world rolling for kids and youngsters and this world starts right on our doorstep. In 2015 we intensified again the existing commitment for refugees with the help of skateboarding, because our experience proves: skateboarding is extremely meaningful and is exactly, what kids from conflict areas and warzones need.

Click here to view the video!

Pic: Volker Brügg

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Ground breaking ceremony for the new skate-aid skate park in Namibia

Yesterday the ground breaking opening ceremony for the new skate-aid skate park in Namibia took place on the campus of the Special Needs School (NISE) in Windhoek-Khomasdal. Our Project Manager Torben Oberhellmann was on-site and  joined the ceremony…HERE WE GO!

Pic / Text: Reintges

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Reintges collected donations for skate-aid

Within the context of the Essen Motor Show, the car dealership Reintges from Essen, Germany, donated to skate-aid – and skate-aid says THANK YOU! All visitors of the Reintges booth at the show in November were invited to fortify themselves with a Rockstar energy drink and  to donate the refund to skate-aid. 7.200 guests took the offer and 1800€ were collected. Today the skate-aid activists Klaus-Peter Reintges, Oliver Noack und Tim klötzing handed over the amount  to skate-aid initiator Titus Dittmann!

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skate-aid skate park in Rwanda

Here are the first pictures of the construction of the skate park at in Kigali, Rwanda near the SOS Children's Village. The guys of Betonlandschaften are doing a great job!  The kids can hardly wait for their first skate session at the park!

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News from Windhoek, Namibia

Benien who is in Windhoek, Namibia right now for skate-aid, will meet up with the second inclusive Namibian-German school exchange by The Global Experience. This exchange includes students of Moreson School, A.Shipena Secondary School, Primusschule Münster and Schillergymnasium Münster. The students will help with the preparations of the new inclusive skate park by skate-aid in Windhoek! Next week our Project Manager Torben Oberhellmann will join him.
Thanks Benien - the kids seem to have a lot of fun!

Click here to view the latest pics!

Credit: SkatePAL, Facebook 2016

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SkatePAL receives skate-aid Charity Award

skate-aid at BRIGHT Tradeshow in Berlin

Last week we were in Berlin at the BRIGHT tradeshow. For the fourth time, we awarded the skate-aid Charity Award at the BRIGHT European Skateboard Awards. SkatePAL was the deserved winner!
Congratulations to the team from England - you guys are doing an awesome job!

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skate-aid says thanks for the support to Lemonaid!

skate-aid at BRIGHT Tradeshow in Berlin

It’s known, that there’s a lot of chit chat at a trade show…and that gives you a thirst! A big thank you goes out to the guys and girls at Lemonaid, who supplied us and the visitors of our booth at the BRIGHT Tradeshow in Berlin last week. They were perfect to get back in shape after a long night, especially in the morning after the Award-Party. Cheers to Lemonaid & we’re already looking forward to the next event!

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Skateboard-Pro Buddy Carr supports the campaign

Our campaign NO HATE GO AID against hate knows no boundaries and has already reached California. US skateboarder Buddy Carr has his own interpretation of the slogan with this ultra stylish smith grind!

Join the campaign: you want to buy the NO HATE GO AID t-shirt for 24,99€ (shipping for germany included)?! Just send an email to info@skate-aid.org. Send a photo of you wearing the NO HATE GO AID t-shirt and show your colors. With your permission we will post your photo on Facebook, our homepage and on Instagram, together with a lot of famous skate-aid supporters.

Click here to view the video!
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skate-aid receives donation by TravelWorks

Thanks to everyone who voted for skate-aid!

In december some of you shared and liked a facebook-post by TravelWorks to receive a donation for skate-aid. Kerstin of TravelWorks visited us to tell us that skate-aid had the most succesful posting of the chalenge so we got the donation of TravelWorks. Thanks for your support!

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Donate now for our skate-aid project in Bolivia!

The aim of our project is to open up young people and children of La Paz and El Alto new , meaningful leisure activities and to give them a new perspective. Even young addicts have the opportunity to skate in the Pura Pura skatepark. Everyone should be able to participate, regardless of gender or socio - economic background .

Click here to donate!
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The new skate-aid-Mag is out now!

Since 2009 skate-aid is getting the world rolling for kids and youngsters and this world starts right on our doorstep. In 2015 we intensified again the existing commitment for refugees with the help of skateboarding, because our experience proves: skateboarding is extremely meaningful and is exactly, what kids from conflict areas and warzones need.

Click here to view our 5th issue!
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News of our skate-aid project in Khartoum, Sudan

Yalla. Go skate Khartoum

Some new pics of the skate-aid project in Sudan, by Yalla. Go skate Khartoum reach us. The kids seem to have so much fun, keep it up!

Click here to view the pics!
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Donate now for a new mini-ramp in Cape Town!

Salesian Skatepark

The kids in our project in Cape Town (Salesian Skatepark ) need a new mini-ramp. Go to betterplace and donate for this project.

Click here to donate!
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New pics of our skate-aid project in Cape Town, South Africa

Salesian Skatepark

New pics from our project in Cape Town, Southafrica (Salesian Skatepark)! Thanks to our volunteer Lars for those nice impressions!

Click here to view more pics!
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skate-aid Lebanon project

Video of the upcoming project

Back in September this year our project manager Torben traveled to Lebanon for skate-aid. There he visited a syrian refugee camp. The kids there often have nothing more than a stick to play with. In 2016 skate-aid will set up a project in Lebanon to give these kids back a part of their childhood.

Click here to view the video!
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skate-aid projects around the world

Impressive skate-aid Trailer by KUBUNIKA

Skateboarding knows no boundaries or war, skin colour or hate, poor or rich: Skateboarding unites! Thanks to KUBUNIKA for this wonderful video about skate-aid!

Click here to view the video!
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Thanks for your support in 2015!

Danke, Thank you, Muchas Gracias, Merci...

The entire skate-aid team would like to thank all the supporters for this eventful year! A big thanks to our volunteers in our global projects, all of you are doing a great job!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Our office is closed between 24th December and 3rd January , on the 4th January we will be back in our office.

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Contest at the Shangilia Skatepark Nairobi, Kenya

King of S.K.A.T.E.

This weekend the King of S.K.A.T.E. Contest in our project in Nairobi Kenya, at the Shanigilia Skatepark took place. Also our volunteer Gabriel (pic: 2nd from the left side) and our regional manager of our Eastafrican projects Daniel were there.
The rules for the Game of S.K.A.T.E. are simple: one skater starts with a trick he announced before. If he lands the trick correctly another skater tries the same trick. When he doesn't land the trick at the second try he gets a letter. The skater, who completes the word S.K.A.T.E. first loses the game.

Click here to view the pics of the event!
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Donate now for our project in Cape Town, Southafrica!

The kids in our project in Cape Town (Salesian Skatepark Cape Town) need a new mini-ramp. Go to betterplace and donate for this project.

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The Djuks support skate-aid!

The punk/rock band The Djuks supports skate-aid from now on. Go ahead and listen to their music!


Visit their Facebook-Page!
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News from our skate-aid project in Bolivia

New pics from our skate-aid project in Bolivia, by our volunteers. The kids are very motivated and integrated to this project, keep it up !

Click here for more impressions of our skate-aid projekt in Bolivia!
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Santa Cruz Boards for skate-aid

Thank you very much!

Hey…It's Christmas already?  Not quite yet -  but here in our office we’re already in a Christmas mood! THX to Santa Cruz Skateboards for a full load of boards with 52mm Ricta Wheels and Bullet Trucks which landed here this morning! In the same breath we wanna thank EMO Trans for the smooth handling of the shipment! You are awesome!

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THE RESTLESS - New Video „Ignorance“

skate-aid supporter

With the video of the their song „Ignorance“ the bavarian punks and skate-aid supporter THE RESTLESS succeeded in landing a major coup! Awesome music with catchy hooks and a concrete statement, cool pictures, a fast cut and good skating by local skateboarders…what else could you ask for?! Punk rock at its finest!  10 outta 10!!

Click here to view the video!
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Win tickets for Such Gold concert in Münster!

Win tickets! SUCH GOLD, the punk rock/ melodic hardcore band from Rochester, New York, is now sailing under the skate-aid flag! On their current Euro tour they’re gonna stop in Münster’s Café Lorenz on Dezember 04, 2015. In cooperation with Schallhafen.de, we’re giving away 2 X 2 tickets for the show, including a “Meet & Greet & Skate” with the band at Skaters Palace. To get the tickets, just tell us why we should just give YOU the tickets, below our facebook post! The winner will be released on tuesday next week (1.12.) …and maybe you’re there!

Here is the Facebook Post

Check out the show

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skate-aid offers together with "weltwärts" volunteer positions in Costa Rica and Bolivia

Registration starts now!

Together with "Weltwärts" skate-aid offers volunteer positions in 2016/2017, two in Bolivia and one in Costa Rica. The registration starts now! The registration starts now!

Click here for further information!
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skate-aid Skateboarding-Refugee project in Munich

Some volunteers of skate-aid started a new weekly skateworkshop for refugees in Munich. Fully protected with helmet and protectors the kids had their first tries on the skateboards and they are look forward to the next time.

(german version)

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Skateboard Sticker Shop donates to skate-aid

Get one skate-aid sticker and Skateboard Sticker Shop will double the donation!

Thank you Skateboard Sticker Shop! With each sold skate-aid sticker, they donate 50 cents on top! The whole amount of money will be donated to skate-aid! Thank you guys!

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Element X skate-aid collaboration

Who needs a hoverboard anyway?!  The brand new Element X skate-aid collaboration decks are available now...and they're excellent skateable, even without trucks and wheels!  Who's Marty McFly again? Check out Benien!

Click here to view the video!
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Vote for skate-aid by the RWE "Energietopf"!

Vote for the skate-aid refugee project "Across the Bo(a)rders"

We need your support! skate-aid is part of the Facebook-Contest "Energietopf" by the RWE foundation. If we reach the 1st place we will receive 3.000 € for our local project "Across the Bo(a)rders", which helps unaccompanied minors who are refugees in Münster, Germany. Vote now!

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Welcome Refugees Roll Session on 31st October in Mühlhausen

People around Thuringia, Germany watch out! One week from now, on 31st of October a "Welcome Refugees Roll Session" will take place at the Skatepark Thuringia Funpark XXL in Mühlhausen at 13 o'clock.

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Vote now 57wasser-voting for skate-aid!

We are very proud, that skate-aid got nominated for this years 57wasser-voting. 57wasser donates 57% of their gross profit to social and humanitarian projects in Germany and around the world. Vote till 1st November online for skate-aid!

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New shoes for kids in Panna, India, we_school project

skate-aid would like to thank all donators!

Your donations show a big impact! The fundraising campaign for the skate-aid project in Panna, India, brought a large amount of donations.  We were able to buy 75 instead of the planned 30 pairs of shoes. Thank you very much for your support! The kids in Khartum, Sudan, also need you: donate here to help finance them new shoes!

Click here to view the pics from our project in India
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Apply now: skate-aid Charity Award 2016

Registration till 25th of October

This is your chance to receive the skate-aid Charity Award 2016 – apply now, till 25th October! You are actively involved in youth work or development cooperation by skateboarding? You conduct independent projects as an officially registered organization and could make good use of financial support? Than it’s your turn – apply now!

Click here to get all informations about the skate-aid Charity Award!
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This saturday: skate-aid garage market in Münster!

If you still need a new jacket for the upcoming season, we've got something for you: our skate-aid garage market, this saturday at 11 am! You find us by the Titus Outlet, Scheibenstraße 121 Münster. See you there!

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Oktoberfest for refugees in Münster

skate-aid gave skateboard lessons for refugees

Last sunday we visited a big happening for refugee families. Besides Live-Muic and a huge dinner, skate-aid brought some skateboards and the kids took over one corner of the tent. The kids had a blast and so did we!

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US skateboard pro Matt Bennett supports skate-aid

The American switch and fakie (toy)machine Matt Bennett is the newest member of the skate-aid support family. The sympathetic Californian (among others, pro for Neff Headwear) inventor of the infamous Bennett Grind (bs 180 to switch back smith) is happy about the Neff X skate-aid collab caps,beanies and that he's on the road for a good cause. Welcome, Matt!

Click here to view the video!
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kitchenart Münster and singer Jan Löchel donate or skate-aid projects

A big shout out to kitchenart in Münster, for their donation for skate-aid! Also thanks to Jan Löchel with Jylland, who donated a part of his musicians' fee to skate-aid. We are very greatful!

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New shoes are needed for skate-aid project in Sudan

Donate on betterplace.org

Donate now for our project in Khartum in Sudan. Help us to buy new shoes for the kids so that they don´t have to skate with their bare feet. Every amount, small or big, helps us to get our projects going. Click here  to donate on betterplace.org.

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COS-Cup finals in Rust with skate-aid

Watch the finals again!

Who missed the COS finals in Rust, Germany: here the compilation. Congrats to Flo Westers, our skate-aid supporter, for his incredible 5th place!

Click here to watch the finals!
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Skateboarding with refugees

Local TV station RTL West visited skate-aid

RTL WEST visited the skate-aid refugee project at the Skaters Palace in Münster. Click here to view the interview with Titus.

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skate-aid Skateboard-Workshop for refugees in Münster

skate-aid would like to thank all supporters, who helped to make the workshop for refugees in Münster a great success! The kids were very excited to make their very first steps on a skateboard. From now on the project will appear weekly at Skaters Palace Münster.


Here you find the full Press-release (german version)

Here our YouTube video about the project (german version)

Here a video by WDR Lokalzeit about our project (german version)

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skate-aid logo at Skatehalle Aurich e.V.

In june this year, we visited the Skatehalle Aurich e.V. in germany. We already informed you about the cooperation with the skate park in Aurich, also in our magazine. Besides some donations in kind for our projects, Skatehalle Aurich e.V.supports us from now on with a big skate-aid tag in their skate park. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Impressive movie about East African projects!

Engin Altinova und Meys Al Jezairi made a film about skateboarding in East Africa. One part of this is the Uganda Skateboard Union. Long before skate-aid thought about starting a project in Uganda, Kampala, the Uganda Skateboard Union has been founded. In 2006 a Jackson Mubiru and Shael Swart built Uganda’s very first skateboard ramp. Watch the movie to learn about the work of skate-aid in Uganda.Watch the movie to learn about the work of skate-aid in East Africa.

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Jucker Hawaii x skate-aid

A big THX!!! to our friends at JUCKER HAWAII for donating more than 25.000 Euros to skate-aid. You guys rule!

click here to get the Jucker Hawaii x skate-aid collab board

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Slump in our skate-aid project truck

This week we've got bad news for you. Thanks to the „nice“ people who tried to steal our truck for the planned (pssst…still top secret!) Lebanon project in the night from 10th August to 11th August. A smashed in window, a broken ignition lock and two busted door locks put CSI Münster to work and were the reason for a waste of time and money…not to mention our stretched nerves. If someone has seen something unusual around Skaters Palace that night in Münster…give us a call!

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Esperos supports skate-aid!

Esperos, manufacturer of stylish and functional backpacks and bags for all situations supports skate-aid! Their new team rider is Flo Westers, a top skater and also a member of our constantly growing skate-aid family. A part of the proceeds of the sales are going directly to our worldwide skate-aid projects. You can buy a masterpiece of carrying devices AND do a good deed!

...click here to get your own Esperos backpack!

Flo Westers / skate-aid supporter / photos: Maik Giersch

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Volunteer needed for our project in Kenya!

We are seeking you for a volunteer service in Kenya! From now on immediatly for 4-12 months in Nairobi at the Shangilia Skatepark, Kenya. You should at least be above 21, you should have experiences working with concrete, be able to skateboard and to talk english.Send your application directly to our project manager of all skate-aid projects Torben: t.oberhellmann@skate-aid.org

Here the link to our project in Kenya
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THE RESTLESS support skate-aid

THE RESTLESS, punkrock out of Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, (winner of “The Battle Of The Bands”-Contest) support skate-aid! Welcome to the family! Check out their new single/video “Defend Your Town” and watch them live on August 06, 2015 at the “Backstage” in Munich with Teenage Bottlerocket as part of the “Free & Easy”-Festival. Admission is free!

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The Skater - impressive video about Peter from Cape Town

We always try to give you an understand of our global projects. But which kids actually visit our skateparks? Here is a very impressive video of Ginkgo Agency about Peter from Cape Town, who visits our skate park, in cooperation with Don Bosco, regularly. Be part of the philosophy, be part of the mission, be part of skate-aid! Greetings to Peter!

Click here to view the video
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"Osnabrücker Bergrennen" 1st and 2nd of August

At the 1st and 2nd of August the 48th International Osnabrücker ADAC Bergrennen „Cars&Fun“ takes place at the „Uphöfener Berg“ in Hilter-Borgloh. Of course we will be part of this event to support skate-aid. Our skateboard pioneer Titus will start for us in a race version of the Ford Mustang back from the sixties. Between the events, the racetrack is ours and generous donors will be chauffeured by Titus in person at race pace on the race track.

More information
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Flashback to the BRIGHT 2015

Between the 8th-10th of July 2015, the BRIGHT Tradeshow took place in Berlin. At our skate-aid both at Europe’s biggest skateboard tradeshow, we gave fresh information’s about our recent and planned projects and showed our latest collabo products. Sometimes we got the chance to meet one or the other celebrity.  All in all the BRIGHT was well rounded in every respect.  One more time we got the chance to spread the philosophy of skate-aid, and we established some new contacts.

Here are the "skate-aid Charity Award" winner of 2013: "Pura Vida Skateboarding"

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skate-aid Charity Award 2016 – apply now!

You are actively involved in youth work or development cooperation by skateboarding? You conduct independent projects as a officially registered organization and could make good use of financial support? Than it’s your turn – apply now!



Here you can find detailed informations for the application procedure
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Adidas Skate Copa

Tomorrow the ADIDAS SKATE COPA takes place in Berlin! International teams contest in the US, Brasil, Spain and Germany to achive the final on the 19th September at The Berrics in Los Angeles California.

And skate-aid will be there, too. Visit us there!

Here is the Facebook Event

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News from Costa Rica!

Our activist Lydia send us some pictures from our project with Pura Vida in Costa Rica. Very impressive, you can see that these kids enjoy the skate park. View the pictures online, thanks Lydia!

Click here to view the pictures
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skate-aid X Powell Peralta collab wheel

There it is, our new skate-aid X Powell Peralta collab wheel! Last week we were on the other side of the pond to receive our new skate-aid X Powell Peralta collab wheel! Here a first look, the wheel will be for sale soon.

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The new skate-aid-Mag is now available!

Since 2009 skate-aid keeps hope rolling. Time for a flashback! The 4th issue of the skate-aid-Mag includes our recent projects, activities from 2015/ 2016. We look back on our achieved results - and take an outlook what we want to achieve in the future. Click on the link to view our 4th issue!

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Into the desert!

Thanks to GTA Distribution for donating LBC and Palmer Snowboards for our sandboarding project in Cape Town, South Africa! In cooperation with Ridge Riders, the sandboards will be used to give street kids from the skate-aid projects and underprivileged kids from the slum areas the chance to go sandboarding. Besides Skateboarding there will be free sandboarding classes for the kids to extend skate-aid’s offer of reasonable leisure activities in Cape Town.

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Thanks Ben!

Our Volugrapher Ben Kuhlmann completed his support for our project in Palestine, Bethlehem and already headed back to Germany. We would like to thank you Ben for your great support and the unique Images you shot! Keep it up!

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Titus Dittmann on German television

Our skate-aid initiator Titus is tonight on german television. “Kampf der Start-Ups” on ZDF is a series about start-up entrepreneurs, which was very successful in January earlier this year. Titus is again part of the jury, and coaches the young entrepreneurs. So tune in  tonight at 0:50 am ZDF WISO “Kampf der Start-Ups” or watch it online.

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Video of our project in Bethlehem

A video by our activist Harry Gerrard, about our project in Bethlehem. Our colorful skate park, which was opened by the SOS Kinderdörfer and skate-aid in April earlier this year, bears the first fruits. Impressive imagery from Palestine, Bethlehem. Keep on rollin‘! (Photo by Ben Kuhlmann)

Watch the video on YouTube!

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1st skate-aid night Siegen

In cooperation with the company 1000MAL, skate-aid celebrates the first “skate-aid-night” in Siegen, 22nd August, at the historical Lokschuppen at Siegen. With the charity event “skate-aid night” we celebrate to fund the projects and activities of the skate-aid e.V. foundation.

More information
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Skatehalle Aurich donates for skate-aid

This week Torben and Jens from the skate-aid project office in Münster visited the Skatehalle Aurich to fetch some donations. They donated lots of boards and helmets. Thank you very much! The kids will love the new stuff, thanks for the support!

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Baltic Sea Charity Rallye

Representative for skate-aid Titus and Torben visited the Nyhues GmbH & Co. KG - Internationale Teppichkollektionen in Münster this week. The reason for that is the participation of Nicole and André Nyhues at the Baltic Sea Charity Rallye. Impressed by the amount of donations from different sponsors towards skate-aid, and the look of the completed Rallye G we keep our fingers crossed for Nicole and André Nyhues, for the Baltic Sea Charity Rallye, which they use to collect donations for skate-aid. Thank you and good luck!

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Skateboard Contest Altenerding

At this weekend the „Skateboard and BMX Contest“ by the Jugendtreff at Altenerding took place. For the second time skate-aid was part of the contest for skaters and BMX riders. About 200 visitors got entertained by Jams of the contestants framed by suitable beats, delicious food and drinks. Through different sales we raised a proper amount of money for the skate-aid projects.

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Inspiring clip of Costa Rica

Check out this inspiring clip showing some really good skateboarding skills in our project located in the Pura Vida Skatepark in Costa Rica. We are impressed by so much creative potential of these boys and now we`ve got to learn how to do laybackairs!

Here you get the clip
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Spotlight on Bethlehem

Last week a TV - Station visited our park in Bethlehem to report about the work by skate-aid. Our park meets with increasing medial interest.This is due to Ben's great commitment. Ben Kuhlmann is our skate-aid volunteer in Palestine for three months. Since April 2015 Ben supports us on-site to teach the kids in Bethlehem how to ride the skateboard. Thank you for your great support in Bethlehem Ben!

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Bethlehem vacation program

Good news from Bethlehem! Ben makes full use locally. While summer vacation already started there, some Holiday programs took place. In this context a group of the Aida Refugee Camp, guided by Rowwad Center, who took a chance for their first cut on a skateboard.

More impressions
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Silkscreen project supporting skate-aid

"Creative work for a good reason" This motto has driven artist Astrid Schlamann to organize a silkscreen project as part of an art show in Bremen. She designed a skate-aid graphic that was printed on different textiles. All proceeds were donated to our project in Syria. THANKS Astrid!

More impressions
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Titus Münster supports skate-aid

If you recently took your time for window-shopping in Münster you definitively can’t have missed the skate-aid storefront. Thanks to the team of Titus Münster for this remarkable storefront! It not just looks great but it captures attention for our work and the skate-aid collabo products too.

More details
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Next skate-aid garage sale

On Saturday, the 6th June 2015, our next skate-aid garage sale takes place! Starting at 11 a.m. in the Scheibenstreet 121 in Münster you have the possibility to snatch at fantastic offers. We sell premium-quality skateboard stuff and streetware at low prices. Save the date - It’s worth to take a look around!

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Incredible 2nd place at the 24-Hours-Race for Titus and his team

High performances need crossers. Titus and his team cope with the green hell at the Nürburgring with their Dodge Gas-Viper GTS. A great result because skate-aid benefits from the triumph at the 24-Hours-Race as well. We are delighted about so much commitment! Chapeau!

More details
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New Curb for Bethlehem - Yeaah!

Ben Kuhlmann, our new Volugrapher volunteer in Bethlehem knows the meaning of „Do-It-Yourself“ and built spontaneous this new curb… nice job! A big thanks for this self-initiative - keep it up!

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Our Volugrapher in Bethlehem

Please check out the clip showing Ben Kuhlmann, who was the first successful candidate to become volugrapher for our project in Bethlehem. Get a small glimpse about his motivation and daily work.

here you can watch the clip
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Bethlehem is going well!

Like the metamorphoses from a caterpillar to the gorgeus butterfly - skateboarding and the skatepark in Bethlehem are progessing every day because more and more kids are getting on board. Watch our new clip and convince yourself of the impressive atmosphere in Bethlehem.


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adidas X skate-aid

Our collabo with adidas is going to succeed! This is also possible because of the great support of our fellows as the web team of the Titus onlineshop. Recently they’ve designed a smart homepage teaser with our pic. A big thanks therefor & here you can get the shoe

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1st “skate-aid-night” Siegen

The company 1000MAL arranges on August the 22nd , 2015 the first Siegener „skate-aid night“ in cooperation with us. The “skate-aid-night” Siegen will take place in the historical engine shed located in Siegen.

More details
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Donation for Shangilia Skatepark

The generous donation of GameDuell , who gave more than 2500,- EUR enables us to finally start with the already overdue construction works in the Shangilia Skatepark in Nairobi.

More details
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Support via Jucker Hawaii Longboard

This great longboard is the result of a collab of Jucker Hawaii and skate-aid. For each sold longboard skate-aid will receive 10 % of the retail price for their worldwide projects. Thanks to Mike Jucker at Jucker Hawaii.

More details
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Shangilia Skatepark Jam

The Shangilia Skatepark in Kenya is a huge benefit for the local children who love the new Skatepark. This pleasure is illustrated by the clip of our supporter Daniel. A “big thank you” to him who is currently based in Nairobi. Necessary to watch


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Support the voting for our Syria-project on iduwi.de

We would like to reconstruct a truck into a mobile skateboard-ground in order to visit refugees camps in and around the crisis area of Syria. We pursue with the project the target  to convey the children who are traumatized by war alternations, self-confidence and fun. Skate-aid depends on their supporters and we are glad about everyone who is voting here on iduwi.de for the project!

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Support for Ben in Palästina

We require urgently donations for the stay of Ben, our photo-volunteer in Palestine who will actively support the project in Bethlehem by workshops, skate-training and photographic documentation! More details

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adidas Skateboarding X skate-aid

The first adidas X skate-aid collab shoe is out now! … We’re delighted! Just like our skate-aid supporter Benien, who was ripping the Skater Palace miniramp in those shoes and is going to fly with them off to Namibia this week. Adidas donates a share of every sold shoe to skate-aid, so that you support with every purchase the global projects!

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In Bethlehem it’s moving forward!

The official opening of the skate park takes already place next weekend. Until this date the local aid workers have still a lot to do even though the latest pictures reveals yet that it’s going on with bounding steps in the right direction due to their actively support.

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Apply now

In January 2015, the 3rd skate-aid-Charity-Award will be given to the "Charity of the Year" at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin. The award ceremony will take place as a part of the "European Bright Skateboard Awards". The award is connected to a funding of 5000 Euros. 

More information
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Mozambique: Meeting the Minister

Last week two members of the „Associação do Skate de Moçambique” and a skate-aid-activist had a meeting with Carlos de Sousa, the Mozambican Deputy-Minister of Sports.

Learn more
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"Skating instead of Ritalin“ continues

In 2012 skate-aid successfully launched the “skateboarding instead of Ritalin” program. The project will be continued in 2013/2014 and is addressed to kids and teenager, who show a rather vivid and impulsive behavior. Under the medical supervision of a doctor they can use skateboarding as an alternative or additional therapy.

Learn more
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Project in Uganda wins skate-aid-award and 5,000 Euros

This year’s skate-aid-award was given to the Uganda Skateboarding Union. The skate-aid-award includes a prize money of 5,000 Euros. In front of 300 guests Titus Dittmann announced the winner in the House of Vans in Berlin.

Learn more
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Skateboard-Workshop in Khartoum - The diary

After two months of planning and organizing the project „YALLA! Go skate Khartoum!” the day had come for Deniz Ertin: In June he travelled to Sudan, to see Larissa. In his luggage he brought the skate-aid-skateboards. In his diary, Deniz outlined how he felt about the first skateboard-workshop in Khartoum.

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Heldenalarm: Donating money without even spending some for it

Thanks to the new Heldenalarm browser add-on, you will never miss your chance to donate money, when purchasing goods online. The add-on is available for Firefox, Safari, Google, Chrome and Internet Explorer and helps you to always remeber to check in to HEROshopphig before purchasing something online. With this unique feature, you always donate without even spending money for it.

Learn more
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skate-aid plans skatepark in Mozambique

“I did a lot of drugs in my past, but since I’m skating, I left all the drugs behind me. My skateboard is the only drug for me now. Many of my friends didn’t have that chance. The drugs messed up their lives, because they didn’t skate.”


Learn more
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"Skate to Live" for Download

From today on, the first offcial skate-aid-Song ’Skate to Live’ is available on simfy. Lyrics are written by Metaphysics, music and proction have been made by Joachim Poschmann, Vocals are coming from Dear Zim.
Heads up, with every purchased Song, you are doing good, because half of the song’s revenue will be donated to skate-aid and it’s worldwide youth development projects.

We keep on pushing!

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That was the skate-aid-Night 2013

Undertones, grand emotions – the 8th skate-aid-night has been a total success. Professional boxer Hamid Rahimi, TV celebrity chef Nelson Müller or politician Ruprecht Polenz: When Titus Dittmann and his skate-aid-Team are inviting for their annual charity gala night, they will all come and attend a glorious event.

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The first official skate-aid song

Take Metaphysics, a music producer and rapper with roots in Zimbabwe, the german composer J-Tube and the American singer Dear Zim and it results in  first official skate-aid-song.

Tune in
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„Before Ali leaves us, I have to be able to skate! “

Kangemi, Nairobi. Roundabout 200 children are living in the children’s home of Shangilia. The association Shangilia offers accommodation, food, leisure activities and apprenticeship for their future. Since 17 years Japheth Njenga works for Shangilia.Now we’d like to know what the 49-year-old headmaster of Shangilia Kenya thinks about skateboarding...


Read more
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…and the IAKS Award goes to…skate-aid

The skatepark in Dodoma, Tanzania which was initiated and realized by skate-aid won the special arquitecture-award from the IOC/IAKS. The park was honored for its value for society.


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Reloop headphones in support of skate-aid

Reloop, Europe's leading DJ equipment brand, designed headphones for skate-aid. They didn´t only produce high quality headphones that deliver a great sound – they're also supporting the good cause: The headphones from the RHP-5 series come in skate-aid Style and Reloop pulls all the stops to promote skate-aid – the box is packed with information on our work.

Reloop even does more in support for us: From each headphone sold, they donate 2 USD to skate-aid! Many Thanks, Reloop!

Reloop RHP-5 headphones are available in selected stores, as well as in Titus Stores in Aachen, Bremen, Bocholt, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Muenster and Wuppertal, or you can simply order your headphones at the Titus Webshop.

That’s what winners look like
(from left to right)
Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, member of the International Olympic Committee
president of the International Boxing Association.
Ralf Maier, Dipl-Ing., Betonlandschaften
Titus Dittmann, Board Titus Dittmann Foundation,
Horst Huber, Vice-President IAKS
Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympics Committee

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skate-aid receives architecture Special Prize

Award ceremony on October 26th in Cologne

The 7.500 children of Karokh have been enjoying change and happiness for more than a year now in their crisis-ridden hometown in Afghanistan. Yesterday evening (10-26-2011) our afghan skate-aid Skatepark was honoured with the international architecture prize for sports and leisure facilities by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the IAKS (The International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities).
We are very happy about this - and at this point we would like to thank RALF MAIER, who did the planning for the skatepark with his company “Betonlandschaften” free of charge.

The sixth skate-aid night at the Skaters Palace in Muenster, Germany.

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The sixth skate-aid night

When celebrating does good

A lot came together on this night: concentrated youth culture, 300 guests, dedicated leading figures from the worlds of politics, media and the arts, insights into unusual development aid. Donations at the skate-aid night amounted to 35.000 Euro in addition to a 50.000 Euro cheque handed over by textile company Ernsting’s Family. Money that will be invested 100% in the skate-aid projects.
On Monday after the event we are all tired, but overjoyed. THANK YOU to everyone who supported us and helped to make this night a success!

We thank the Alliance for Engagement for this great honour.

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skate-aid nominated for the German Prize for Civic Engagement

We are very happy that skate-aid is nominated for the German Prize for Civic Engagement because of its commitment for children and youths worldwide. The Prize is awarded by the Alliance for Engagement.
Starting from autumn, citizens can vote – from a pre-selection of around 20 projects – for a winner of the public price on the website www.deutscher-engagementpreis.de. The Award ceremony will take place in Berlin in early December 2011.

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Skate park opening in Herat

Shortly the first concrete skate park in Afghanistan will be officially opened on the 9th of September. For the occasion Rupert, Titus and a volunteer from Germany as well as representatives of the press will be travelling to Karokh in the province of Herat. Of course all others involved in the project will also be there. Without their help and commitment there would be no opening celebration.

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Display window at Münster’s main railway station

The local real estate and business community Bahnhofsviertel Münster e.V. has set up a work group called “Blickfang” (eye catcher) with the intention of bringing life to vacant shop windows in and around the city center. The aim is to visually upgrade the outward appearance of Münster and put unused spaces to good use. A wonderful opportunity for skate-aid to present themselves. A fantastic location, central and highly frequented. It could not be better!

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Victor Smolski

I am glad to help skate-aid as well as projects and institutions who have made it their aim to communicate the joy of life to children and young people, whether through music or sport.

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