Project in Uganda wins 5,000 Euros

Uganda Skateboard Union wins Award

Once a year the best European skaters are honored in the German capital with the Bright European Skateboard Awards and within this scope also with the skate-aid award. The skate-aid prize is aimed at domestic and foreign projects which uses skateboarding for active youth work.

The 150-person Jury had to choose between five different projects. The director of the Uganda Skateboard Union Jack Mubiru thanked the jury via video message and explained what the prize money will be used for: the building of a storage room and an office next to the skatepark. Skate-aid supports the Ugandan project since 2010 and helped in 2012 to finance the repair of the skatepark. “I am very happy for the guys in Uganda”, says Titus Dittmann, “because a sustainable project was honored which works already without our help.”
The next and third skate-aid award will be announced in January/February of 2015.

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