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In January 2015, the 3rd skate-aid-Charity-Award will be given to the "Charity of the Year" at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin. The award ceremony will take place as a part of the "European Bright Skateboard Awards". The award is connected to a funding of 5000 Euros. 

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Mozambique: Meeting the Minister

Last week two members of the „Associação do Skate de Moçambique” and a skate-aid-activist had a meeting with Carlos de Sousa, the Mozambican Deputy-Minister of Sports.

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"Skating instead of Ritalin“ continues

In 2012 skate-aid successfully launched the “skateboarding instead of Ritalin” program. The project will be continued in 2013/2014 and is addressed to kids and teenager, who show a rather vivid and impulsive behavior. Under the medical supervision of a doctor they can use skateboarding as an alternative or additional therapy.

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Project in Uganda wins skate-aid-award and 5,000 Euros

This year’s skate-aid-award was given to the Uganda Skateboarding Union. The skate-aid-award includes a prize money of 5,000 Euros. In front of 300 guests Titus Dittmann announced the winner in the House of Vans in Berlin.

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