skate-workshop in Sudan

Diary of a skate-workshop in Khartoum

Day 1-4
At around 10 o’ clock in the morning we have arrived at Alsagaana Youth Center. The children were already waiting for us wishfully. I will never forget their curious and inquisitive glances. There were more children than I have expected. We agreed on 20 participants but more than 40 had come. So we separated work. Larissa taught her group how to assemble skateboards. I taught the other group, how to fall the right way; in order to prevent kids from breaking their bones. It’s hard to believe but in 16 years of skateboarding, I’d never had a broken bone. Thanks to the judo-role.

Day 5 and 6
There were some parents welcoming us in the morning. They told us that their children are steadily talking about skateboarding. They would even stand up earlier for practicing. First, we made an hour-long revision from the day before. We repeated how to drive independently, that means pushing steering and stopping. After that we let them skate on their own and meanwhile Larissa explained them the difference between skateboards and longboards. At the end of the day I showed them a trick. I call the trick Half-Flip. The kids were excited about that one and they wanted to practise all the time.

Day 7
That day everybody trained the Half-Flip - I was excited! Therefore we practised how to steer left and right, stop and turn around. That was the hardest challenge. After one hour some kids were driving safely. I decided to take these four boys and two girls to give them a private coaching. I showed them how to make an Ollie with my 3-steps-instruction. Two of them practised the Ollie so well; they were even able to skip the first step. I truly couldn’t believe that some have landed their first successful Ollie. I was impressed.

Day 8
We prepared seats for more than 300 people at the amphitheatre of the Alsagaana Youth Center. The stage was equipped with a DJ-booth and light engineering of Maakan Youth and Culture. Most of the kids handled their little show magnificently and our best student even showed an Ollie down a stair. The audience was enthusiastic. Larissa and I were so proud of our teaching abilities and about the kids, they got the chance to show their skills and they’re quite talented. The next day I was already heading towards Cologne. I flew home with a lot of positive memories and motivation.

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