skate-aid plans skatepark in Mozambique

Upcoming skatepark in Mozambique

What Joseph from Mozambique tells us, shows, how important skating is, especially for the youth in Maputo. He explains, why the children in Mozambique deserve an own skate park so badly. Isard, skate-aid-activist from Maputo and founder of the “Associação do Skate de Moçambique - ASM” tries everything in his power to build the skate park. At the moment most of the skaters have to skate on the street. They’re building their own self-made ramps, which are made of plywood. Most of the boards the kids are skating with are discount products from the grocery store and therewith low on quality. Additionally the safety gear is missing at all. Now the German skater Tobias Stolz is addressing local issues. With the program “ProEcon- Sustainable Economic Development in Mozambique”, he tries to lead Mozambique into a better future. Together with his wife Veronique, they support Isard and the members of the ASM, in order to strengthen the association and the project concept. At the very first meeting in Maputo, Tobias and Isard already had a look at possible patches for building the skatepark. Soon there will be a meeting with the minister of sports in Maputo, to discuss the concept.


We pushed things forward and we always keep on pushing!


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