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Skateboard-Workshop in Khartoum - The diary

After two months of planning and organizing the project „YALLA! Go skate Khartoum!” the day had come for Deniz Ertin: In June he travelled to Sudan, to see Larissa. In his luggage he brought the skate-aid-skateboards. In his diary, Deniz outlined how he felt about the first skateboard-workshop in Khartoum.

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Heldenalarm: Donating money without even spending some for it

Thanks to the new Heldenalarm browser add-on, you will never miss your chance to donate money, when purchasing goods online. The add-on is available for Firefox, Safari, Google, Chrome and Internet Explorer and helps you to always remeber to check in to HEROshopphig before purchasing something online. With this unique feature, you always donate without even spending money for it.

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skate-aid plans skatepark in Mozambique

“I did a lot of drugs in my past, but since I’m skating, I left all the drugs behind me. My skateboard is the only drug for me now. Many of my friends didn’t have that chance. The drugs messed up their lives, because they didn’t skate.”


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"Skate to Live" for Download

From today on, the first offcial skate-aid-Song ’Skate to Live’ is available on simfy. Lyrics are written by Metaphysics, music and proction have been made by Joachim Poschmann, Vocals are coming from Dear Zim.
Heads up, with every purchased Song, you are doing good, because half of the song’s revenue will be donated to skate-aid and it’s worldwide youth development projects.

We keep on pushing!

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That was the skate-aid-Night 2013

Undertones, grand emotions – the 8th skate-aid-night has been a total success. Professional boxer Hamid Rahimi, TV celebrity chef Nelson Müller or politician Ruprecht Polenz: When Titus Dittmann and his skate-aid-Team are inviting for their annual charity gala night, they will all come and attend a glorious event.

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The first official skate-aid song

Take Metaphysics, a music producer and rapper with roots in Zimbabwe, the german composer J-Tube and the American singer Dear Zim and it results in  first official skate-aid-song.

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