Names for Nepal - A skate park for the kids of Butwal

Nepal, heart of the Himalayas, the conditions are rough and perspectives cloudy. Children lack a safe space to experience appreciation and become self-determind personalities. "Who am I and what is my purpose in life?"
With our planned skate park in Butwal, the local community will be made stronger. And the stronger it is, the more kids are encouraged to push against the odds. Skateboarding empowers the kids in Nepal. Skateboarding teaches lessons that go beyond “sport”. No matter where in the world, being a skateboarder is a statement of individual choices and being part of a likeminded community. Skateboarding builds you up and becomes part of your identity.

Being a skateboarder is a personal choice and how you skate is highly individual. We combine the individuality of skateboarding with the one constant thing in your life: YOUR NAME!  No matter of origin, status or age – being a skateboarder unites you with a global community.

Please help us turn the first skate park in Butwal/Nepal into reality and make the kids and us proudly say: "MY NAME IS _____. I'M A SKATEBOARDER."

How you can help us:

  • Recording yourself in a video where you say: “My name is XXX, I’m a skateboarder”and send us this video as well as the authorization to share and promote the content.

  • Donate 40 Euros or more to have your name shown at the skate park. All the donors will have their name painted with a stencil at the park


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