Apply Now

Who can apply?

  • Registered nonprofit associations or non-governmental organizations using skateboarding as a tool to engage with marginalized children and youth
  • Organizations implementing sports related projects based on skateboarding in crisis regions, war zones and social hotspots 
  • Organizations working in the areas of youth welfare, child protection and sport using skateboarding as a major tool


  • Organization needs to be officially registered (please submit documents verifying official status of organization)
  • Organization must proof activities in the areas mentioned above through submission of documentation, videos and reports
  • Organization needs to submit a specific project proposal outlining how the funding is going to be used

How does the selection works?

  • Pre-selection of 5 nominees through skate-aid
  • Independent jury consisting of 150 people from the skateboarding scene will vote online for their favorite NGO/project
  • The winner will be presented at the „Bright European Skateboard Awards“


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