Silkscreen project supporting skate-aid

"Creative work for a good reason" This motto has driven artist Astrid Schlamann to organize a silkscreen project as part of an art show in Bremen on May the 9th, 2015 at KALLE Co-Werkstatt at the Bremer Neustadt. She designed a skate-aid graphic that was printed on different textiles. All proceeds were donated to our project in Syria.

Her son called her attention towards the skate-aid organization and therefore inspired her to combine art with a meaningful project. She initialized a workshop as part of open day of the artist’s workshop together with Saskia Behrens, leader of the KALLE Co Werkstatt. Astrid Schlamann designed a nautical graphic, which included an anchor decorated with the typical skate-aid plaster pattern, which got printed on different textiles. The method of Pop-up-screen-printing was used to design in different color shades the bags, t-shirts and other textiles the visitors brought along. Already printed material was also available to purchase for a small donation. For the physical well-being and background music was catered. Havington and Moving Houses were the musical acts, which entertained the audience with acoustic sounds. On the whole screen-printing, food, drinks and music brought a proper amount of donations for skate-aid.

“For us the anchor stands for hold and safety for the refugees, who we will support in content of the planned refugee project in Syria.”

Thank you for the huge support, commitment and creativity!

Impressions of the silkscreen project in Bremen

The band Havington provided a great atmosphere.

The skate-aid graphic designed by Astrid Schlamann that was printed on different textiles.

Colorful bags, happy girls and last but not least a lot of donations - a successful day!

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