1st skate-aid night Siegen

In cooperation with the company 1000MAL, skate-aid celebrates the first “skate-aid-night” in Siegen, 22nd August, at the historical Lokschuppen at Siegen. With the charity event “skate-aid night” we celebrate to fund the projects and activities of the skate-aid e.V. foundation.

The skate-aid night in Siegen will contain guests from politics, economy, radio, television, sports… People, who have already accepted to skate-aid night Siegen: Hannelore Kraft, prime minister of NRW, racing driver Jochen Mass, Comedian Simon Gosejohann, car expert Alexander Wesselsky. Some local companies already ordered their admission tickets for the skate-aid night at Siegen. For the local economy the event is also a possibility to connect with other companies.

A spectacular Show will entertain the 250 expected guests. Music, delicious food, auctions and a special ambience will turn the historical engine shed into a unforgettable location. André Gatzke, famous from the TV Series “Sendung mit dem Elefanten”, will present the skate-aid night Siegen.

Trough many supporters and our main supporter, the company 1000MAL, the skate-aid night is an 100% NON-PROFIT event. All donations will directly flow in all skate-aid projects. Also some donations will flow into local projects at Siegen.

For questions about tickets contact:
t.eiteneuer@1000mal.de or info@skate-aid.org

For more about the skate-aid night Siegen go to Facebook

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