With creativity and commitment we empower kids. The movement-oriented youth culture of skateboarding knows neither borders nor war, it does not differentiate by skin color, religion, gender or social status, no, it connects! We shape children through a unifying spirit. Skateboarding is more than just a „sport“. It is about developing freely through intrinsic motivation, experiencing equality and learning what it means to grow up to be self-confident personalities.
We always get up one more time than we fall!

Fact is, however, that girls are still in second place in many areas: In the family, in education, or later in professional life. Girls are still consciously or subconsciously taught that they have to lower their expectations and that there are things they cannot achieve because of their gender.
That’s why this September we started: GIRLS SKATE!

For one month everything revolves around the strong women of the future. What started as a special awareness campaign for girls in skateboarding and "Female Empowerment", has become a permanent initiative of us. With the campaign GIRLS SKATE! we want to actively change role stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue their interests and develop their skills. We want to show them that they can do everything, including skateboarding. We also want to create an awareness of how valuable skateboarding can be for personal development.
We empower girls!

In a series of workshops we offerd girls throughout Germany the opportunity, with our skate-aid coaches and the support of female skateboarders, to discover the skateboard for themselves. This is not only about developing enthusiasm for skateboarding among the participants, but also about the goal of building a new community that in the long term, promotes, supports and encourages girls to pursue their dreams and grow into self-determined powerful women. In September 2020 we started, of course with the necessary Covid-19 hygiene regulations, in Germany - next year we want to continue the campaign in our worldwide projects. But we need your support!

Five ways to support GIRLS SKATE!

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GIRLS SKATE! - for the strong women of the future

Your donation will help us to empower more girls worldwide in our pedagogical workshops. Skateboarding teaches you to stand up again after falling down. This strengthens your personality and helps later in life. If you just try long enough, you can achieve anything. And that’s what the kids learn in the worldwide skate-aid projects.

With only 10,- € you can empower one girl and enable her to participate in our workshops. 

Together we empower girls! 

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