About us

Dear reader,

for more than 30 years already, everything revolves around skateboarding for me. From the beginning I and my companions recognized the enormous power of the skateboard. Skateboarding knows no frontiers and wars, colour of skin or hate, rich or poor: Skateboarding unites and promotes a sense of identity and purpose especially in the development of young people. From early days we have promoted national and international skateboard-projects. In 2008, when we supported an initiative in Kabul I came to realize once more how ideally instrumental skateboarding is in overcoming differences in areas of conflict. After my first visit to Afghanistan, it was clear to me: I need to stay with it to achieve even more.

In 2009 I established the Titus Dittmann Foundation. With the skate-aid initiative we utilize the power of skateboarding and our entire potential to bring hope on four wheels to young people.

Please help us, we rely on your support to achieve our aim and bring a share of happiness and security to children who have been deprived of their childhood. I am very happy about your contribution.

Sincerely Yours,
Titus Dittmann

About skate-aid

With skate-aid we support kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity skateboarding brings unity, equality and a stable social environment enabling great growth in self confidence, self worth and most importantly good times. Every little help can change something for these kids and transform a community and the future of it. Supplying skateboards and skate equipment, building new skateparks are the main tools to provide education for a brighter, safer future.

Skateboarding knows no boundaries or war, skin colour or hate, poor or rich: Skateboarding unites!

The means to an end

  • Fundraising for the individual projects
  • Collecting skateboards and gear for free distribution to the various initiatives
  • Gathering and utilizing know-how, manpower and contacts to the skateboard, media and business world
  • Public relations, lobbying and information services


The projects

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