The situation


Tanzania is one of the politically most stable, but also one of the poorest countries in Africa. This is partly because the relatively stable economic growth cannot keep up with the extreme population growth. Despite extensive reform processes, the Tanzanian government did not yet achieve sustainable poverty reduction. The majority of the population relies on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods. The lack of health care, the permanently high HIV/AIDS Rate and the education deficit are additional constraints of development.

skate-aid activist Lydia Léhan-Fisk

Since the 70´s Dodoma is the official capital of Tanzania, being relatively small with only 300.000 inhabitants. The problems Tanzania as a country is facing, also occur in in Dodoma. One of the most pressing problems here is lack of access to education. Schools are often poorly equipped, and the associated costs of attending school cannot be borne by many families. This leads to youth in Dodoma fatally lacking any kind of prospects. Those poor prospects for the future and great poverty nurture violence among youth. Lack of leisure activities add to this situation. It is important that young people from Dodoma can escape from their dreary lives and violence, and spend their spare time creatively, wisely and in an active community.
Here skate-aid and Don Bosco come in. Together we built a concrete Skatepark, on the grounds of the education and training centre of Don Bosco. Our very experienced and dedicated activist Lydia Léhan-Fisk set the ball rolling. As the driving force behind the project, she has contributed significantly to its implementation.